Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week Thirty Two.. the count down is on!

As I sit here - eating a bowl of chocolate pudding and gummy worms I can't help but think what life is going to be like in 8 short weeks.

I finally got to go to the fabric store today. I spent a pretty penny on come cute fabrics for James and for Graham. I will be sure to post pictures once their blankies and accessories are done. I got James' new blankie all cut out - but when I went to get the sewing machine together I realized I didn't have the darn power cord for it. So tomorrow I am on the hunt for that silly cord. Since I have to took for it I will cut out the fabric for Graham's blankie as well as the envelope covers for the pillows.

So at 32 weeks that leaves 56 days or so till I am 'due' There is still lots to do - I NEED to get my home birth kit together - I may just end up buying a prepackaged one from MamaGodess in Vancouver - I just need to be able to pick the darn thing up.

Chris and I decided NOT to do a water birth. Since we moved - we live on the top floor (it's a 4-plex) and him and I are both worried that something will burst OR Mr. Landlord will find out and be upset. We aren't even allowed to have a fish tank so a massive birthing pool in the kitchen probably isn't the best thing either. But I am still going to birth at home - just in the tub.

I'm still fairly tired, but since I am done work now - I can nap with James everyday (even on the weekends). I feel HOT all the freaking time. Usually I sleep with the covers up to my darn chin but lately I have to have the fan on and no covers. Braxton Hicks are pretty much an everyday thing - I've even thought I've had a few actual contractions - so I will talk to my midwife who I see on Tuesday about that. Plus - I am thirsty ALL THE TIME. I am constantly refilling our Brita jug and downing water like it's going out of style.

I just feel...BIG... It's difficult to sleep, roll over, put my shoes on, pick James up... day to day duties are becoming hard to handle and do. I got stuck in the darn bathtub a few days ago... thank goodness Chris was home!

Needless to say - I am glad the countdown is on. I hate to complain as I am so lucky to be able to do this. Also this is our last so I want to treasure this as much as possible. But let's be honest - by the end - you just want to meet your wee babe and be done with it all.

Happy Wednesday

Much love