Thursday, September 29, 2011


I try my best to be patient, but there are times when I despise waiting... Like for example, I hate waiting in long line ups... Nothing infuriates me more than standing a a line for more then 10 minutes...

I also hate this two week waiting period to test! hehe I'm not stressing about it, but i am counting down the days!

Anyways that's my small rant for today. I have to work tonight, but I am so happy that I have the WHOLE weekend off. C and I are going out to celebrate his birthday on Saturday. We will be staying at my MIL house.

My parents are moving tomorrow... so rather than being 5 minutes away they will now be 3.5 hours away. I'm a little emotional about it as I have never lived more than 10 minutes away from them. I guess the one good thing is we get to go on road trips to visit them. But it will be very weird to drive past my old house and know they don't live there anymore.

OH and the doctor we met yesterday is PERFECT! I really like him. Phew one thing we can cross off our list!!

Anyways, I'll leave it like that...

Much love

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mood Swing Mama!

WATCH OUT! If you get in my way you just may get an ear full from me. Please don't take it personally. I don't know what's coming over me.. and I feel like I could rip any ones head off at the drop of a hat! I hate being short with anyone.. especially J and C. I get mad then break down and cry..

hopefully I will have my answer why I am like this.. fingers crossed!

On another note, we are going to go see a new family doctor today. I have had the same doctor forever but C didn't, so we are going to meet a new one. Hope he's nice..

That's that hehe

Much love

Not so wordless Wednesday!!

So I am unable to do my wordless Wednesday as my camera is broken (Thank you Nikon for allowing me to go and buy a new Canon!!) HA! So I'm bummed that I cannot share any photos!

On another note, I have hit 100+ blog followers!! YAY!! Thank you to everyone!! Hoping to put a great giveaway together to celebrate!!

Thank you!! You guys and gals rock!!

Much love

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The ABC's of me!

This fun little survey has been floating around the blogosphere and I thought I'd hop on the train.  Here is the A to Z of me ;)

A.  Age: 24

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore that you hate: folding laundry

D. Dogs: No doggies

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee & Blogs

F. Favorite color: brown

G. Gold or Silver: silver or white gold

H. Height: 5’9"

I. Instruments you play: When I was young I played the clarinet

J. Job title: Mum, wife and sales associate!

K. Kids: James, 20 months

L. Live: Delta, British Columbia

M. Mother’s name: Carol

N. Nicknames: Leasha, Leashy, Leash

O. Overnight hospital stays: Birth of James

P. Pet peeves: clipping your nails in public or in my living room!

Q. Quote from a movie: Oh which one to choose. I live for movie quotes " Forrest Gump: I'm sorry I had to fight in the middle of your Black Panther party.

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: Sister's Sammi and Montana

U. Underwear: Cute comfy cotton panties for me!

V. Vegetable you hate: corn off the cob.. yuck!

W. What makes you run late: Hubs!

X. X-Rays you’ve had: teeth,  abdomen,  and wrist

Y. Yummy food that you make:  Borscht and perogies!

Z. Zoo animal: Hippo.. LOVE THEM!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lack of sleep...

What a weekend that was!!! I worked 5 days in a row. Something I have not done in well over 2 years!

It's a lot harder to do when you have a 20 month old toddler running around and then you have to go to work till 9:30 ish. Blah! I'm so tired and well exhausted!

I have not been sleeping well, and it's making me a little crazy... and emotional. I'm really hoping that the mood swings are due to a hormonal change.... but I can't be certain yet.. anyways... I only work 2 days this week I hope...I could really use a weekend off!

Much love

Friday, September 23, 2011

Not one to judge, but....

I am not one of those people who like to judge others... especially when it comes to parenting.... everyone has their own ways of doing things. But that doesn't mean I won't disagree with a parent on their 'parenting' skills.

Yesterday, I encountered a mother, with her infant (I'd say about 3 months MAX) The little girl was crying and mom grabbed a bottle. No biggie about the bottle. You have to feed your babe one way or another. Whether that be boobies or formula or boobie milk in a bottle.. I don't care.. but I DO care when I see a bottle with APPLE juice in it. Now I'm not speculating on the contents as I overheard her say, "here ya go. A baba of appies"

Seriously?? Apple juice?? The little babe started gulping it down...

I'm sorry, but I just don't agree with that in any way shape or form.. little tummies can't handle that.. and apple juice is the WORST juice you can give a child.

Anyways... I don't really know where to go with this, I just ....ugh... I'm not saying this women is a bad mother or anything but c'mon... use your damn head.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

One of those days

You ever have a day where you just feel so sad.. but there is no reason for it?? Well for me, today is one of those days. I just want to cry and I cannot explain why.

I've put on a happy face for J, but when he was down for his nap, I literally sat on the couch, listening to some piano music (mushy, sad stuff) and cried... I battled depression when I was a teenager, but haven't felt like this in a long time. The last time I felt this sad was then my dad passed away, and even then. I hide my sadness.

Here's hoping for a brighter, happier tomorrow

Much love

Learning at his own pace

C called me last night at work to tell me that J was walking around the house saying "no no"

"He's saying it clear as day! No No!" Al I could do was chuckle. I knew this day would come.

Now everything is 'NO' I'm ok with that. At least it's a new word for him. We still only hear babble from him. But he's learning at his own pace.

J's words:

Bobo (Elbow)
Momo (Elmo)
Carcar (Car)
Mnana (banana)

May not seem like much, but he's getting the hand of it. His babbles seem like he's actually talking to us. Telling us a story. I'm sure one morning I will wake up and he's be having an actual conversation!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being Hip with Hippeez Cloth Diapes

Last month I contacted Heather from Hippeez cloth diaper's, hoping she would be interested in allowing me to do a review for her fitted cloth diapers. I was so happy when I got an email back saying she would love to!

A little bit about Hippeez (Taken from their website)

What are Hippeez Cloth Diapers?

Hippeez are highly-absorbent reusable fitted cloth diapers with a fleece lining for dryness, and a TouchTape closure system.  You put them on and take them off just like a disposable diaper. Nothing to stuff, fold, insert, snap, or pin. Just put on the diaper, add the cover of your choice, and go! Want to know more about what makes our diapers so special? Click here to read in detail about the features of Hippeez.
Hippeez are handmade in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, by a dedicated work-at-home mother (WAHM) named Heather, using quality materials. They are built to withstand the rigours of diaper washing, and can be passed on to another mother when your child outgrows them, or saved for another child. We guarantee our quality!

What about Covers?

We also offer handmade wool and fleece diaper covers that will work for over Hippeez, as well as most other fitted, prefold, flat, or contour diapers.

I got to choose my fabric and size (J is in a size 5) and I just HAD to have the Beige Safari. It was just too cute to pass up. I also asked if I could have a Sherpa inner and a Cotton/microfiber soaker. Click here to see a selection of fabric!

Isn't it cute?

J is a very heavy wetter, so I wanted to test this bad boy out for overnight use. We had been having leaks with our other 'Overnight' diapers.

I received my diaper within 2 weeks, and I couldn't wait to put it on J. I didn't even pre wash it. I got, it took it out, and was happy to find that J needed a change so on went his new Hippeez fitted diaper. He was in it for about 3 hours and no leaks. It was soaked but, it held up, very well!

The next day was laundry day. I was excited to be able to test it out for overnight. I have to say, it washes very well, but it does take longer to dry as it is a fitted diaper. Another small bump in the road was that the touch tape came undone from their laundry tabs and caused a diaper chain in my washer.

The next night I put it to the test. I only used the fitted diaper (no doubler's) and I put a Thirsties cover over top. We out J down and hoped for the best.

The next morning....


Yes, J's pj's were dry. The sheets were dry and I was SO very happy that I didn't have to do a load of laundry! The Hippeez diaper was soaked from front to back but there were no leaks. None!

We have used it since then for nights only and we have only had one leak. He stayed at my mom's one night and had a full sippy of water before bed. He woke up slightly damp. But other than that..dry every morning!

The Nitty Gritty:

Available features include:
  • Multiple layers of soft, absorbent, 100% cotton flannel in the soaker zone, with or without microfiber;
  • Super-soft polyester fleece inner to wick moisture away from your baby's skin, or choose cotton flannel or cotton Sherpa if you prefer natural materials;
  • TouchTape hook and loop closure, which makes the fit super adjustable (it also means Hippeez go on just like a disposable diaper!);
  • Available cross-over TouchTape to ensure even the skinniest babies are accommodated;
  • Extra wide loop tape across the front for even more adjustability;
  • Elastic at the waist and legs to keep messes inside the diaper;
  • A true fitted design - without complicated snaps like one-size designs - means they fit properly without being bulky;
  • No PUL outer layer (as with all-in-one diapers) which can wear out before the rest of the diaper, prevent the inner layers from drying fully, or rip. No PUL also enables you to use the preferred diaper cover of your choice - from pull-on plastic pants, to wrap-style PUL covers, to wool shorts...even no cover at all if you desire; and,
  • Nothing to stuff, insert, pin, snap in, tie on, or fold, just put on the diaper, add the cover of your choice, and go!        

I love that these are sized diapers. You get the best fit when you have a diaper that is made for your little one!

The sizes are as followed:

Preemie: 3-7 lbs
Newborn: 6-10 lbs
Size 1: 8-14 lbs
Size 2: 12-18 lbs
Size 3: 16-28 lbs
Size 4: 22-37 lbs
Size 5: 27-35 lbs
Size 6: 35+ lbs

I'm hoping to get a couple of size 1 diaper for the next little bundle of joy. They are so easy to use! The prices are not bad AT ALL!! Compared to some other name brand diapers.

Preemie to size 4 are $11.99 CAN each.
Sizes 5 & 6 are $13.99.
You can also get a Sherpa inner (+.50) but I think it's so worth it. Plus you are supporting a WAHM!

So, overall, this is a great fitted diaper. The quality is impeccable and I can't gush enough about the fact that it holds up to my heavy wetter. If you are looking to try a Hippeez, I would say just go for it. You won't be dissapointed!

***I have not been able to get a good picture of J in this diaper. I will try to get one soon and will post ASAP.***

THANK YOU Heather for making such a wonderful diaper, and allowing me to do a review for you. You have saved me many loads of laundry! xoxo

Please note that I was sent this diaper free of charge for review purposes. All opinoins are stricly my own, and may differ from others. No monetary compensation was taken.

Hoping this is my month!!

"Are you  excited?" C asked -- "What do you mean by excited?" "Well, I mean are you excited to see if we're pregnant this month? Cause I am. I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to get the call saying 'I'M PREGNANT!"

"Yes, I am very excited, but scared sh**less at the same time"

So last month was a write off... I was four days late and had high hopes that we were pregnant, but AF decided to come the next day. I was upset, but I knew that there was this month..or maybe the next month too!

I blew through 8..yes count them 8 preggy tests last month. Sad I know. But I wanted to make sure that I wasn't..or was... but in the end I wasn't. So I had to wait patiently for AF to come and go.

We are both very excited to see what happens this month. I'm not going to get my hopes up, but I'm not leaving any holes either (ie: I'm on it... er.. not literally.. but kind of. TMI??)

We aren't tracking my ovulation or anything, well I can say that I'm kind of tracking my cycles. But it's really just for me. I didn't want to make C feel like a stud service, so all the nitty gritty stuff I'm dealing with on my own. I want this to be fun for the both of us. But we are gettin er' done. HAHAHA! Too much info??

I'm sorry if some of this is a little personal, if you don't approve then don't read it. I just want to write about it. :P 

So anyways that's where we stand on this particular issue... here's hoping that I get my BFP this month

Much love

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Christmas shopping??

Yesterday I started my Christmas shopping for J. Last year I got all my gifts online... I found it a lot easier to do that then to go out into the crowded malls. Ugh! I got most of his gifts from Babysteals and Kidsteals, and this year I plan on doing the same thing, with the exception of the few toys I will be getting him. I can get those at work!

So yesterday I bought him 4 pairs of Babylegs socks (Size 2T - 4T) from Funky Tricycle. I paid about 12.00 and that includes my shipping. I will put these in his stocking. I always got socks and undies in my stocking so I'm keeping with tradition, as C got the same thing!

I then got really excited when I saw that Signing Time was featured on Kidsteals again. Last year my mom bought J Volumes 4, 5 and 6. J cannot get enough of Signing Time. He LOVES it. So when I saw that Kidsteals had volumes 7, 8 and 9 I called my mom and asked if she wanted to get him those for Christmas. She agreed as she has seen how much J loves his DVD's

I plan on keeping my eyes open for great sales and giveaways. I love to win stuff, and the toy J got last year was won from a blog. We didn't go overboard as his birthday is shortly after Christmas, so we try to divide it up.

I will be posting great sales and what not in the coming months. I cannot wait for the cooler months. I love them more than summer!!

Wordless Wednesday

So in love....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

guzzie & Guss 105 Texada Review

I contacted guzzie & Guss to see if they would allow me to review one of their fabulous strollers. I was quite surprised when I got an email back within the hour saying they would love to team up! WOOHOO!!

A little bit about the company:

Over 30 years of product development and market experience births a brand designed to deliver a long-awaited baby gear experience.  From the bottom to the top, the people at Guzzie+Guss aren’t your average stroller producers.  Drawing from every aspect of the industry, Guzzie+Guss has developed a team that is in touch with the consumer on a ground level, while operating directly with leading designers and manufacturers from around the world.

Guzzie+Guss are dedicated to delivering uncompromising quality and functionality without sacrificing price.  Does that seem a little backwards?  Most marketers would think so, but the truth is while most people would like to own a premium-priced product, today’s changing economy has forced many to make choices between the price of goods, and the price of looking good.  The folks at Guzzie+Guss work hard to make those choices easier for new parents.  By using top grade materials and incorporating new technologies such as the Guzzie+Guss “truly” universal carseat adaptor, Guzzie+Guss creates baby gear that meets modern parents’ needs without bleeding their wallets.

Now on to the review!!

I was sent the new Texada 105 stroller in Periwinkle. First off, I LOVE this color. C was a little unsure about taking J around in it but he said afterwards "Hey, it's not pink...right??"

My first impression: it looks very stylish for an Umbrella stroller. Our old one was so plain, and simple. But the G+G 105 isn't just any old 'Umbrella stroller' is it a FULL size stroller. Meaning it can also hold MOST infant car seats. How great is that?? A functional, lightweight FULL SIZE Umbrella stroller.

The G+G 105 has some awesome features!!

Features of the G+G 105 Texada:

Unique Zippered sides
Zippered Canopy for ventilation
4 position, one hand recline
Car seat compatible
Large 3-part canopy
Unique Footrest enclosure
Large Diaper bag style bag
Carry shoulder strap included
Auto Fold lock

So we took the stroller out for a walk around town. J seemed very comfortable in the seat. He was able to sit upright and didn't have to lean forward (our other stroller doesn't allow him to sit right up) It was very sunny that day, the over-extenable canopy was brilliant! It kept him shaded and with the peek a boo window at the front he was still able to see out!

About an hour into our walk he fell asleep. The recline on this stroller is great. The one handed recline function is super simple to use. Just grab a hold of the handle and pull. J glided back smoothly and I didn't even wake him. While the sun was shining it got HOT. I was so glad to see the vents on the side of the stroller. I zipped those puppies opened and voila! Insta air flow. I big downside to the stroller is there are no cup holders. You have to buy them separately, which is a downer. Also, the basket below is on the small side. Compared to our other full size stroller, the basket is tiny. But the diaper bag feature on the back of the stroller makes up for the small bottom basket.

When pushing this stroller I really enjoyed the foam covered handles. My hands didn't get all sweaty and gross. But I did notice the click clack on the sidewalk. Now some will say "oh no big deal. That's always going to happen" well it's a big bother for me. I really don't like listening to click clack click clack on my walk. But that's just me. I did have difficulties when we came to a curb that wasn't flush with the road (I have to tip the stroller back in order to get it back up onto the sidewalk.) There was a few times where the front wheels got stuck and I almost fell over the stroller itself. But once I locked the front wheels it stopped, but then I wasn't able to turn the stroller on a dime. I was just more careful when we got to curbs.

We took the 105 on a short vacation with us. It folds up so well and can fit in tight places. I love the handle feature when it's folded up. It makes it easier get in and out of the car. There is also a should strap, which was great when transporting it from place to place. Its so easy to unfold as well. Like one, two, thr.. voila! hehe.

When we went shopping, I liked that it was small enough that it didn't get in the way at the grocery store.

The stroller comes with it's very own rain cover. Which is great for Vancouver weather!! It's customized to fit the 105 perfectly.


full size (infant car seat compatible)
stores well
big POP out sunshade
great recline


small basket
no cup holders
front wheels can get stuck on curbs
click clack on the sidewalk

The guzzie & Guss 105 Texada costs $249.99 Not a bad price for a full size (Infant car seat compatible) stroller. After you purchase your car seat, it's about the same price as a travel system. Although I do have to say if you were just purchasing this stroller for the Umbrella style, I find it pricey, but that's just me. Their Universal cup holders retail for $19.99 and they have also just come out with a Universal Buggy hitch, 'Buggy Board' which I believe retails for $89.99. 

Overall, this stroller is great. While it does have some cons, the pros outweigh them ten fold. The G+G 105 is a quality made stroller, with details and features that I haven't seen in other Umbrella strollers.

I would like to thank guzzie & Guss for providing me with the review stroller. It was a real treat to get to do this. I hope you find this review helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. You can find my email in my PR section. Or you can contact guzzie & Guss.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook!!!/guzzieandGuss

Please note, that I was provided the stroller mentioned in this review for review purposes only. All opinions are strictly my own and may differ from others. No monetary compensation was taken. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.