Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Update

So what did we get up to this weekend?? Well - not a whole lot!

First off on Friday it was DISGUSTING! It was So flippin' hot and I was hurting! My feet were so swollen, I could barely walk, so we had an indoor lazy day. By the afternoon I was sitting in my soft nursing bra and undies! Chris laughed so hard when he got home from work. I was a sight! I didn't make dinner as we usually order pizza on Friday and that's just what we did! James and I did build a fort - but it wasn't the best one. Still, James had a blast sitting in it.

Saturday was another write off. It had cooled down A LOT! I was very happy for the clouds... very happy! My mother in law came over with Chris' Aunt and Grandma. They were wanting to see our new home - which reminds me - I will get some photos up... I promise. We just stayed at home and tidied up. We did have our friends come over for a small BBQ. James made me laugh SO hard - see below....

He brought my boots out and put them on - then wanted his picture taken! He is such a silly! Notice the undies?? Yup - we have been putting him in underwear at home - still no pee pee on the potty but he'll get it.

So what did we do today?? We went to IKEA.....again!! After spending the morning combing Craigslist for  glider - I got NOTHING! BUT my MIL came to rescue! I have my glider! It's second hand but I don't care. It's great!

Anyways, we got ready and took off to Ikea. James fell asleep, but woke up just as we were parking. We got him into his cart and the first thing he asked was "Uhh meatballs? and mut?" Yes, we did go and have lunch again. Meatballs and milk! There was a few things I wanted to pick up for both James and Graham. Chris' Aunt gifted us a gift card for the boys so off we went shopping.

I knew we wanted to get James new bedding as the poor boy has been using his old crib blanket and I thought it was time to get him something new. So we did end up purchasing a cars duvet cover and pillow case and the inserts for it. James does NOT like the big pillow so he is still using a small little pillow. Oh well!

We also bought him some cloth boxes with numbers on them. He really loves them! We also got him a little coat rack for his room!

14.99 for the cover and pillow case - 29.99 for the blanket and 5.99 for a pillow = a great deal!!
Now for Graham, I decided I was going to make him a crib blanket and also make some throw pillow covers. I previously bought a 2 peg coat hanger for his room that has owls on it and we also got a CUTE rug for his room.

So with the whole "forest/owl' theme I got coordinating fabric and I am SO excited to get started!! I am reusing an older fleece blanket that was given to us to make a new blanket for Graham. I'm also covering some cheap throw pillows for my glider and also just for decoration in his crib while he stays in the bassinet!

I can't wait to show you all the finished room! I may take another trip to a fabric store to find some solid fabric just to break up the print.

I also took out all the newborn clothing as well as some of the 3 month stuff. It is in Grahams dresser waiting to be washed. Then I had to do diaper laundry so I decided to wash ALL of Graham's itty bitty diapers. They are SO tiny and cute... I can't wait to put them on his little bum.

We then went for dinner at the inlaws and then came home. We had a wonderful weekend - and I am sad that tomorrow is Monday.

I do get some mama time tomorrow though. I'm going to get a pedi! Yay! OH and this week is my last TWO SHIFTS at work before MAT LEAVE!! YIPPEE!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Have a great week!

Much love