Friday, August 3, 2012

27 & 28 weeks - The Third Trimester

I'm going to have to make this a quick post - as we are on vacation..again hehe.

I'm slightly behind on my posts as we have moved into a larger - a MUCH nicer home. We will be able to live comfortably as a family of 4 now. I will do a whole post on the new house once we are back from holidays.

So weeks 27 and 28... THRID TRIMESTER!!

So - I passed my glucose test with flying colors - which is great cause I thought I was going to fail..big time. But my midwife said everything looks great. I now get to see them lovely ladies every 3 weeks rather than 5. I gained a couple more pounds, which makes them happy but makes me feel even bigger. We are starting to go over all newborn procedures and we will start discussing what we will be doing for our homebirth. EXCITING!

Graham is really really active still. I now get alien belly, and it's crazy to see. He's still laying transverse, but I know he has time to move head down. There are times when I know he is head down but he always seems to turn himself back up or to his side.

 I have one trimester left - It seems like it was only yesterday that I got that positive - but I know it's been 24 weeks HA! I have to get my iron levels checked next appointment as I have been dead tired. Even with a full 10 hours of sleep, I am exhausted by lunch and have to take a nap with James. I mean I don't mind, but I hate being so tired. I want some damn energy!!

So hopefully we can figure out what's wrong OR my body needs to suck it up and find some energy for this mama.

We are starting to get the nursery ready - we only need a few items for Graham - ie: New crib mattress, and a glider. I think my nesting is starting a little early hehe... I keep looking at James' old clothes wanting to pull them all out, wash them and then put them away, I just can't help it!!

Once we are back from holidays, I only have 16 hours of work left - HIP HIP HOORAY!! I am so excited to go on Mat leave and be able to spend my days with James uninterrupted.

Ok - that's all I got. Chris is nagging me - we are off to Osoyoos again!!

27 week belly

28 weeks! 3rd trimester!

Much love