Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweet Bobbins cloth wipe love...

When C and I made the switch to cloth diapers, we wanted an alternative to disposable wipes. It took some time for C to get on board as he wasn't too keen on using a cloth to wipe J's bum. We started out with baby wash clothes, but that soon got the axe. They just seemed to rough for J's delicate baby skin. So we went back to disposables.

After we made the switch to full time cloth, that was it, I was determined to use cloth wipes. So I made some of my own. I took some old receiving blankets and cut them up. I didn't sew them or anything, just snip snip snip and voila! Home made single layer wipes. After a few washes they started to fray but I didn't mind. I just cut off the loose threads. A month later I was getting annoyed at the fact that some loose threads came off during the wash and were catching to all my microfiber inserts. So I was on the hunt for some well made wipes.

I had a criteria that I wanted to follow when it came time to purchase.

1) They need to be double layer
2) Need to be very soft
3) Well made
4) Wanted to support a WAHM
5) Need a good size to get the job done
6) Well priced

After searching and searching I came across Sweet Bobbins on Facebook. I had looked at her Etsy shop sometime ago and remembered that she sold wipes by the half dozen, which is a great "try me out" kinda deal. I took a look around and decided that I would try her wipes first. So I placed my order for the mini starter set. I of course got the boys mix print and was very excited to try them out! I found out that she was close (like really really close) to her 800th sale, and whoever placed the 800th order would receive a free mini set along with their order. unfortunately I was number 799 BUT Angela did send me a little something something along with my order! (How nice is that!?)

It took about 9 days to receive my order (Which is pretty darn good since it was coming TO Canada) I was very excited to see what I had got! I tore open the package and pulled them out.

My first impression: HOLY COW, they are soooo soft! I looked at every one individually and realized that I had TEN not six!! (By the way, thank you Angela...that was a very nice surprise!)

Here's my Sweet Bobbins wipe order.
Now the nitty gritty:

These are a double layer wipe, made of flannel and Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) They are the perfect size to fold up and put in a wipes container or in a small Planet Wise wet bag. The prints I received were very cute and very boyish! All the edges are surged and look very professional.

I put these bad boys to the test right away. I washed them up, dried them (they came out looking the same) and lucked out as J had gone for 'real'. I was amazed that one wipe took care of a very poopy diaper. The OBV caught the mess and cleaned him right up, while the flannel side was soft enough to dry him off.

Not the best picture but here is the OBV side... so very soft!

I was SO impressed with these wipes that I ordered a dozen more a few days later. C was all for it and he was the one that stated we should get some more. "they work better than the crummy ones you made!"
So with that being said, I ordered another dozen and am very excited to get them as I hate when I run out of my Sweet Bobbins wipes.

All in all I am IN LOVE with these wipes. The only thing wrong is that I do not have enough. They are everything that I was looking for in a wipe and the prices are great. Angela's customer service is amazing. I am a very VERY happy customer, and plan on returning to purchase some more items from her!

Here's some info!:

A mini starter set (6) costs: $7.54 CAD plus $2.75 to ship
A Starter set (12) costs: $15.08 CAD plus $3.50 to ship

(please note that these prices were what was on Etsy as of May 24th 2011, prices may change due to dollar conversion)

http://www.facebook.com/#!/SweetBobbins - Link to her FB page. At 1000 fans one VERY lucky fan will win a prize. Make sure you head on over and LIKE her!!

Angela, has other awesome products on her site. Not just wipes. So go on over and take a look around You won't be disappointed. I promise!

How cute are these prints? I love them

Please note that I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are strictly my own. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.