Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Plans - 29 week update

Yay! It's Friday!! I have enjoyed my time with James at my Mums and Dads, but am very excited to see my husband tonight. We don't ever really spend time away from each other and I always find it difficult to be away. But I know it's good for us. I think he is just as excited to see us.

We are spending the night at my parents and then we are off again to Osoyoos for our good friends Sarah and Jon's wedding tomorrow!

I am hoping to get a lot of shots - I have a feeling their wedding will be something to remember. James won't be attending this wedding with us - I must say I am thankful for it. Chris and I don't get a lot of grown up time, so James will be spending the time away with his Nana and Papa. (I'll only be 15 minutes away and will be home that night! I can't leave him!!

Sunday we are spending the day at the trailer. Chris took the Monday off so we could have Sunday to relax before we go back to the coast. I have to work next week so this is it for 2 weeks then I am off on Maternity Leave!!

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am 29 weeks pregnant. If Graham comes as early as James I only have 8 weeks left. But I have a gut feeling he'll be on time or late. But it's up to him. I'll be ready for whenever he decides to make his appearance.

I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday - so I will be getting my iron levels checked - we are also going over the newborn procedures and I am guessing what I need to be prepared for our upcoming home birth.

I'm feeling better - not AS tired but still tired. Heartburn has made an appearance again and leg cramps will be the death of me. I woke up one morning and BOTH legs cramped up and I thought I was going to die (Ok not literally) but I was in so much pain. I remember getting cramps with James and how I would wake up in agony... hopefully it doesn't last too long or I'm hoping to keep them to a minimum.

I weighed myself this week and I am up another 2 lbs - so that's a total of 10lbs, I think that's great but we will see what the midwives think. No real food cravings or aversions. I have been VERY emotional. I cry at the drop of the hat - I can't watch sappy movies cause I'm a ball of emotions. I have very little patients with James as well. My child does not listen AT ALL!

I am trying to be understanding and patient but sometimes he's just so...ERRRR!! But the good thing is he's super cute and I calm down like 5 seconds after the 'bad moment'

Baby Graham is slowly losing room. His movements are not so 'poke, jab. Jab, poke' but more of a rolling sensation. The kicks to the lower region makes me want to pee my pants and I keep thinking a little arm is going to bust through there - but it never happens.

So that's what happening this weekend - and what's been going on. I know I've said it before, but I cannot wait to meet this new little man I am growing inside of me. Life is good.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend and make sure to come back for a Wedding Weekend update!

Much love