Thursday, August 9, 2012

A day down at the river

I love the summer. I was born in the summer and love all the activities you get to do. When I was younger we would take a trip to visit my Grams and Aunt and Uncle in the interior... I loved it. We got to go to the lake everyday.

After our little family trip, I decided I would go and stay with my Mum and Dad for the week. Chris will be joining us again tomorrow as we have a wedding on Saturday!It's very warm where my parent's live in the summer and SUPER cold in the winter... I would rather visit in the summer than the winter.

We decided yesterday since it was such a nice day we would pack up and go to the river for a few hours. Now I was a little nervous as James likes to swim with Daddy but I am a nervous wreck with him in the water and he knows it. But I sucked it up and said ok let's go.

He didn't have a nap before we went so I was nervous that he would act out from lack of sleep but my little man proved me wrong and was an angel. He had SO much fun.

We packed ourselves a lunch and snacks (and a LOT of water) so we didn't have to leave to eat (This is something I used to do with my Mum when I was younger as well. Packing up a lunch and headed to the lake for the entire day. My sisters and I always had the time of our lives)

James was anxious to get to the water - he has never swam in a river but was eager to get in. The water was COLD! Holy poop. But little Jimmy got right in there.

He kept saying "'s toad..too toad!" (toad = cold) but he insisted that he wanted to go in deeper. It was great to have my Mum there as well as Nazia (a good friend of the family) He wanted to be dunked, and splashed...typical little boy.

He also started to collect the rocks that he could find and even asked us to grab the "BIG" ones. He had a whole rock pile by the end of the day.

He had our lunch and snacks and swam some more. We were there for a good four hours - the sun was draining my energy fast but the cold water quickly restored it. We had such a wonderful day all of us. I had fun just spending some time with my little man. But I do wish Chris was there. He would of had a blast as well.

When we packed everything up James was a little upset we had to leave - but I reassured him we would be back.

I got him into the car and he asked for some water - I let him have a big drink - and I then asked him if he was tired "No Mum" and not even 5 seconds later he was out. My sweet little angel had a blast and was pooped.

I have to say - it was a great way to spend a hot Wednesday. Lazing around down at the river with the people who mean the most to me.

Tell me, what do you like to do with your little ones in the summer?? 

Much love