Sunday, June 24, 2012

22 weeks - late update!

Today I hit 22 weeks 4 days - June 24th. So technically I am 5 months pregnant! That means only 4 more months to go!

I won't go into detail about my Midwife appointment as I have already done a post about that - but I forgot to mention that we talked about the Glucose testing and I declined. I am kind of regretting my decision and will be calling them tomorrow to double check and see what they think I should do. I didn't know my mom had GD with me, so I don't know if that is a factor or not.

I am feeling pretty damn good. I am eating more healthy than I was before (that could be because I crave veggies and fruit now) Honestly! A couple nights ago it was midnight and I wanted broccoli - that's all I could think about! Just my luck - we didn't have any! Oranges, apple, grapes - I want!! So so good!

James got to feel Graham kick! It was the best thing ever! He put his hand on my tummy, felt the kick - looked up at me with wide eyes, smiled and then kissed the spot where Graham had kicked. It was the most precious moment ever.

The kicks are becoming more strong. Even with my anterior placenta. My belly moves too now when he gets a good one. I love this stage. I love this feeling! Only 4 more months to go... I cannot wait to meet this little man!

22 weeks 4 days
Sorry to make this short but I don't really know what else to talk about. I am still at 161 lbs, Graham is about a pound now, about almost a foot long! Hehe (5...5 dollar...) anyways... he is kicking more, and I am starting to see a pattern to his daily activities! Onto week 23!

Much love

A Sweet Review from SweetPea Maternity & a giveaway!

When I was pregnant with James, I was able to get away with wearing my pre pregnancy clothing till I was about 6 months along - but this time around I was in maternity clothing by week 9!

I still had a few maternity clothing items that I was able to fit in, but I didn't have a lot. Plus I was off on seasons.

Now maternity clothing is NOT cheap. I choke every time I go to look at clothing as I know it's going to cost me a pretty penny to get clothes that will last through my entire pregnancy. Believe me, I need clothes MADE for pregnancy - nothing fits properly any more. I mean it!

On my search for more affordable trendy maternity clothing I came across SweetPea Maternity!

SweetPea Maternity offers trendy maternity clothing for affordable prices - and I mean they are very affordable. They have a HUGE selection to choose from. Pants, tees, tanks, dresses etc. There is something there for every pregnant woman.

I contacted them to see if I could do a review for them. They were more than happy to send me an item from their selection to review. It was SO hard to choose. I mean really really hard to choose, but in the end, I knew I had to get a dress. With summer approaching (well in BC - we don't exactly know where summer is at the moment) I thought it would be nice to be able to be free in a dress. Plus I have 2 summer weddings! 

Please excuse my lack of makeup. It was hot outside! 

I chose the Mint Green Floral Maternity dress.Which is on sale right now for $18.99!! (reg. price is $31.99)

The dress I chose, is 100% cotton (which will be able to breath in the heat) It has a cute lace detail at the top and hits me (at 5'9") at about the calf. The length is perfect for me as I'm not a short dress kinda gal. You can pair this with a cute pair of wedges or flat sandles. I also wore a light cardigan with it when it got chilly out. I LOVE the print. I mean I really really love the print. So romantic and dreamy. The lace detail adds that perfect touch.

I washed it and nothing bled and it held up really well. I didn't put it in the dryer as the cotton seems delicate.

I do have to say that the fit at the top wasn't so flattering, in my honest opinion. I do not have a huge chest, but if I were to wear a bra (which I do like to do) I get a uni boob, and some gaping. But it's not that big of a deal. I can still wear it with no bra and it's does look better. The seams seemed slightly off but nothing that was very noticeable. Can you tell I really went over this dress with a fine toothed comb?

I plan on wearing this bad boy to a wedding we are going to in August. Perfect for my ever growing baby bump!

Like I said before there is a lot to choose from - and inventory changes regularly so if you are on the fence about an item I suggest picking it up cause you never know when it;s going to go. I highly recommend looking through what they have. With the prices they have, they can't be beat. They offer so much and for items you are really only going to wear for a shirt while it's the best way to add to your maternity clothes stash and not break the bank!
Check out SweetPea Maternity - their shipping is reasonable and the selection is great! Right now they are having a Summer Savings! 20% off store wide!

Or enter for your chance to win a $25.00 Gift Certificate from them!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home birth it is!

So on Monday I had a midwife appointment. I got to meet Jillian (one of the 4 that work with the Midwifery place) I was glad to meet another one as I would like to know all of them before the time Graham arrives!

We went over my ultrasound: Graham's head is a normal size (Which is a relief as the Duncan men have HUGE craniums hehe) She also said that he was a little ahead of schedule but that didn't really phase me as they all grow at their own rate. Jillian also said he was chubby for his gestational age - in the tummy area lol Whatever that means! My fluid levels were normal and everything looks to be right on track. Phew!

She was very happy to hear that I had gained some weight! I weighed in at 161 lbs (up 6 lbs!) Yay go me!

We also discussed about possibly birthing Graham at home. I explained that it was something that I wanted to experience - to be away from the hospital setting for birth and she was all for it! She said that with my history (with James that is) that I am a great candidate for a home birth. I have to say I was SO happy to hear that come from her mouth. I was nervous and I couldn't tell you why. So I am guessing that at subsequent appointments we will go more into detail about what is expected and all the details.

I am reading through the Home Birth Handbook and feel that this is what's best for me and Graham. Yippee!!

I go back in 5 weeks - I will be 27 weeks by then (starting of the 3rd tri - I think) Time is flying by in this pregnancy. It honestly makes me sad to know that this is it for us. For me! I love being pregnant, and I cannot wait for birth - nursing, no sleep and just to see my squishy little boy.

My boys... ahh how sweet life is.

I will get to my 22 week bump in a few days. I'm still trying to work on some reviews and a couple giveaways. We are house sitting right now so I'm not at my house but I will try to get stuff done!

OH and one more thing - WE ARE MOVING!! We just signed a year lease for a BRAND SPANKING new 3 bedroom place! It's been fully renovated and is SO gorgeous! I cannot wait for the end of July!

Much love

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pregnancy Update & an update

Wow, I feel terrible! I haven't done a post in a week!! A lot has been happening and I just couldn't find the time to sit down and type.

This will be my 21 week update as well as some other updates, like new reviews and giveaways that are on their way!

So first up - let's start with the new reviews/giveaways that I have lined up since it's been FOREVER since I did really any of them! I have a new review for SweetPea Maternity - a trendy maternity shop that offers inexpensive maternity clothes! I will be reviewing a dress from them and will also be doing a $25.00 gift certificate giveaway! This I am hoping to have done by the end of the week!
Last week I won an Aqueduck from PeachyLLC. I was SO excited to have won this as it's an item I have had my eye on for some time. When I contacted them, they said they would allow me to do a giveaway as well! So keep an eye out for that!

I will also have a couple of diaper reviews. Rumparounds and Done with Disposables. I was also hoping to share my newborn cloth diaper stash and baby buys for Graham. OK so that's quite a bit. I was also hoping to do a review on my Milan maternity dress that I won a few months back... so let's say by the end of the month there SHOULD be a bunch of new content on the blog!

Now, on to my 21 week update!

I have been having some mild back pain - mostly going from my lower back to my butt down my legs, but I am guessing that is Sciatica pain due to my anterior placenta. My nose has been like a leaky faucet for a week straight which I am summing up to allergies (YUCK!) Other than that I feel relatively great.

Graham is very active at night. As soon as my head hits that pillow he is up, kicking and stretching. Something new that has happened is we can finally see little kicks on the outside of my tummy and Chris can feel him better than before. I think he feels more of a connection now that he can feel him in there.

I have been craving oranges like no tomorrow. Anything orange - I want. James and I made a special trip out just to get naval oranges! They have to be cold and cut in a certain way. So picky! But other than that - the cravings come and go.

I finally have hit 160lbs! I was wondering when it would happen. To date I think I have only gained 5lbs. Which is fine by me. I will make sure to ask my midwife again tomorrow to make sure everything is on track. I've said this before - I gained 50 with James and didn't lose it all so I'm OK with minimal weight gain, as long as Graham is healthy.

Tomorrow I am talking with my midwife about our possible home water birth. I am so excited to talk to her about it and see if I am able to. I want this so bad, so I while I am excited I am also nervous that I won't be able to. We have let our family know and while some are on board with us, most are hesitant. I get it - it's not 'normal' to them to birth at home in water, but I am completely confident in myself that I am/will be able to do this. This is what I was built for.

Last thing - the end is in sight! I have given my notice for my maternity leave! I only have 11 shifts left before I go on my mat leave. I cannot wait to be able to devote all my time to James before Baby Graham comes. I feel that I need to spend as much time with him ... and just him as possible.

So that's about it. I will get on with the reviews and giveaways, as well as my newborn cloth diaper stash and baby buys!

21 weeks 4 days

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday and Father's Day. I know Chris felt very loved today

Much love

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Gender Reveal Party! Introducing....

On Saturday we had a small get together to reveal the gender of baby number 2!

I had gone for my anatomy scan on Friday, so our plan was to tell our close family and friends the good news. First off, the scan went great! My ultrasound tech was amazing! He was so kind and upbeat. I got to see the entire scan. Not once did he turn the screen away from me. I got to see what he was looking for and he did a great job at explaining certain parts of Baby D.

I found out I have an anterior placenta, which is why I haven't felt 'strong' kicks from the outside, and why I feel kicks low. Like LOW LOW. Baby D was also lying on his/her tummy pretty much the whole time. Very stubborn and uncooperative. But in the end the tech got what he needed.

My Mum and Dad were there as well, so they got to see Baby D in action. My Dad has never seen a live ultrasound before, just pictures so it was SO nice to have him there.

Chris wasn't able to make the appointment as you know so I asked the tech to write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope so Chris and I could find out together. I got home to start getting things ready for the next day and Chris called me and asked me to open it. He couldn't wait and I was relieved as I wanted to know just as bad.

Saturday came and we got everything set up! I had all the cupcakes filled and the decorations ready! I was SO excited to share the news with everyone. We tallied up the votes - Boys: 7 Girls: 9. It was a close race... but in the end.....


I'd like you to meet Graham Malcolm. James is going to have a little brother! Chris and I are beyond excited. I started to cry on the phone when I told him. Chris was shocked that it wasn't a girl, as he had a gut feeling that it was. Everyone was so happy and they are all very excited to welcome this little man into the world sometime in October.

Much love

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What a week this will be

So this week is a VERY BIG WEEK!

First off - Chris starts his new job on Monday! I couldn't be more proud/excited/sad of/for him. I'm happy that he found a company that he wanted to work with in the first place, but I am also sad that he won't be home with us anymore during the day. But I will like getting back to my routine with James.

I only work one day this week - actually I only work 3 times this entire month - but that's for a later post!

Wednesday will mark 20 weeks PREGNANT! Yippee! I cannot believe that we are here already. But at the same time - there is still a lot of pregnancy left. I am feeling tried right now but it comes and goes in waves. My mum and dad will be coming down on Thursday which will be nice. James cannot wait to see his "Dama and Jock" as he would say.

My mum is going to take me to my ultrasound on Friday as Chris is unable to get time off. My friend suggested that I ask the Tech to write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope so we can both find out together - I thought this was a great idea so that is what we are going to do! I am so freaking excited about Friday.

Saturday we are doing our gender reveal party. Yes I planned this sucker by myself and have gone slightly crazy with it. I have pink and blue decorations, Jelly Bellies, name it! I am just so thrilled to share the news with our close family and friends this way. Expect to see a post about it sometime next week!

Sneak peek at some decorations!

So that is what this week shall bring. I am looking forward to it! Hope you all had a great weekend... we really didn't do much - just read some Fifty Shades... Happy Sunday and I hope you all enjoy your week

Much love

Friday, June 1, 2012

We've come to a decision...

In my last post, I talked about how I wanted to birth my second babe at home, with my midwife. Chris was not down at all... I've been putting the thought in his head since before we even got pregnant, but of course he just thought it was me rambling about nonsense.

When we found out we were actually pregnant I knew his views on Home Birth and I was determined to change his mind,

At our first midwife appointment I was asked where I wanted to birth and I said I would be delivering at the same Hospital that I delivered James in... knowing Chris wasn't comfortable with the idea of birthing at home.While my birth in the Hospital with James was far from terrible, I was just not comfortable and I do honestly believe that being at home where I am comfy, in my own space things will be somewhat smoother...

Fast forward four months and here we are... agreed that we will be birthing our second (and last babe) at home, hopefully in the water. I still need to speak with my midwives about it but I'm thinking since I had a natural vaginal birth with James and very little to no complications I'm hoping they agree that I am able to do this.

So, with that being said - I have my fingers crossed that we will be bringing baby #2 into this world, at home and hopefully in the water.

Happy Friday!

oh and we got some other great news today... Chris finally found a job!! Yippee! He starts Monday and he is working with one of the best companies in the lower mainland! The only poopy part is - since it`s a new job he is unable to make it to our 20 week scan next Friday - but I do have my Mom coming down to go with me!

Much love