Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A not so mini MiniMaestro diaper review

I'm on a roll today! Two reviews on the same day?? What can I say, I'm very excited about my reviews that I have planned out!

Up next is a review for the Canadian owned and operated diaper company MiniMaestro.

Borrowed from their FB page:

"MiniMaestro is a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality cloth diapers for the parents who want to make a difference for their babies’ health and comfort, their wallet and the environment." 

Vintage White/Celery: Mint Julep

Now I have read quite a few reviews on the MiniMaestro pocket diaper and was looking forward to writing up my own review. I was very excited when I found out that Sophie (The CEO) was going to be running a 750 Facebook fan giveaway. Now rather than a random drawing for a diaper, she set up the giveaway as a "Name the Diaper" giveaway. She listed all their diapers and asked us fan's to come up with a name(s) for the color combo's they have available. OK I'll admit that I submitted a name or two (or three or four) for each color combo. I love naming diapers hehe.

Light Blue/Royal Blue: Little Boy Blue
 After that people 'voted' by liking the name they thought was the best. In the end, I ended up winning not one but TWO MiniMaestro pocket diapers. The Vintage White/Celery was my favorite. I came up with the name Mint Julep. In the end I won with the most likes. The second one I won was a Light Blue/ Royal Blue, which I named Little Boy Blue. Again, I had the most likes and won!
On to the review!

I received these quick as I am in Canada and so is MiniMaestro. Once I got them, I wasted no time and prepped them right away.

After the wash and dry I took a better look at them. My first impression was, they look like they are going to be a very trim fit, which is great as I do not like a super bulky diaper. One of the great features is the super soft inner. It's made of micro fleece and is very soft and keeps J's bum dry. The outer material is again soft, yet feels durable. A well rounded contructed diaper I must say!
Love the two tone look. It's a nice change from a white inner and color outer.

I have to say that the insert is fabulous! The 'fit' in the diaper is great. It's large and very absorbent. The insert is made up of a synthetic inner (microfiber) while the outer fabric is a Bamboo fleece. It's very soft and like I said before, very absorbent!

Here's a side by side comparison. the insert is a perfect fit!
I used my MiniMaestro diaper's while we went on Holidays this past weekend. We were in the car for almost 6 hours and J never had a leak in these diapers. You can bet that they were soaked but not a single drop of urine escaped. We also had a poop EXPLOSION in one of them, and again, not a single smidgen of poop got out!
I just wanted to point out that the Velcro on these diapers is very strong and actually stay closed to their laundry tabs while being laundered. I can get a custom fit around J's chubby tummy. I really like the large Velcro band across the front as well. Again it's a custom fit, which is a big plus!
The back pocket opening for the insert is quite large and I love that it has double elastics.

My overall review of this diaper is, it's a must have in any cloth diaper stash. It's fool proof for babysitters/grandparents as it's a Velcro closure. The two tone look is different from other cloth diapers out there on the market. Another big plus for me is just due to the fact that MiniMaestro is a Canadian company. The diaper washes very well (it's dries quick too!) and it has passed the car ride test. I have no doubts that this diaper could keep up with J's sleep (with the addition of a doubler) I can honestly say that when we decide to have Baby #2, I will be ordering a few smaller sizes to accommodate a newborn.

Follow the link here: http://www.minimaestroweb.com/ to purchase your very own MiniMaestro pocket diaper. Be sure to check out their entire selection of products. They have some great bundle deals as well as FREE shipping in Canada and a flat rate for the USA.

Be sure to like them on Facebook as well. You never know when their next giveaway will be! http://www.facebook.com/#!/MiniMaestro

J in his Large MiniMaestro diaper

Please note that I was not compensated for this review. I won these diapers from a Facebook giveaway. All opinions are strictly my own. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns.