Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Storage Solutions

I thought I would share some of my storage solutions for random baby gear. I can't take a picture of what we use for James, but  I can describe it for you. In his closet we have a longer 4 shelf bookshelf. This houses, extra books, his blankets and extra bedding and miscellaneous toys. It came in hand when he was first born as we kept everything on it. Receiving blankets, clothes, diapers etc.

For Graham's room I am reusing a lot of storage bins that we just had.

Ikea wall storage - I think it cost maybe 10.00? 

We bought this from Ikea when James was younger. As you can see it holds smaller items that I would need quickly. I usually keep extra wipes, face cloths, and diaper creams in it. I will keep some small toys as well for when Graham gets here.

I bought the smaller storage bin first - I needed a place to put all of my cloth diaper at the time. Let's just say it didn't last long. I filled it up FAST. I was given a larger 5 drawer one for Christmas, but we are currently using that one in our bathroom to house all my bathroom junk! For now it's going to house all of Graham's newborn diapers and accessories. It will also function as a night stand once I get the glider into the room. I will have my Serenity Star on top of it for lighting and for the time!

The taller one, Chris bought me for Christmas as well (yes, I got a lot of diaper storage last Christmas hehe) The tall one holds ALL of James' diapers (or all the One Sized diapers) I may put this one in the closet to keep the room - streamlined!

This closet organizer/hanger is from SO long ago. I kept it in my closet BEFORE James was even conceived. Since we were not going to take away Jimbo's bookshelf for Graham's room I needed to find something to keep all his blankets, swaddlers etc. So when we moved I made sure I kept this - and kept it where I could find the darn thing! It's great to have in the closet. Easy access and it doesn't take up a lot of room.

The last thing that I have for storage solutions that you cannot see or I have not taken of picture of is baskets. I have a few baskets that will sit on the top shelf in Graham's closet that will hold sheets, and other little items!

I hope this gave you some inspiration or help on storage solutions. Leave a comment with how you store your children's 'stuff ' or if you have any ideas to share please do!! I am always looking for new ways!!

Much love