Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sneak Peek at the Nursery

The nesting has begun! With James I didn't start nesting till the day before I went into labor. Seriously... but this time around I want to make sure everything is ready for baby Graham's arrival.

I shared some organizational tips and how we are using the space in his room. Today I sold my fetal Doppler so I had some moola lying around which was great as Babies 'r' Us had a sale on some closet organizers and some fold able boxes. I can never pass up a good deal so off we went!

The new closet organizer is the on the left. It was such a good deal! It hangs on 3 hangers, has 6 cubbies and the bottom and on the side it also has 6 mesh pockets but I don't know what I would use those for. Regular price was $24.99 - on sale for $14.99! Then I purchased the 2 dark brown boxes at the top. Those are holding my breastfeeding junk. Bambooies and my pump bra. I got those for $4.77 each (reg. price $7.99) I also grabbed a pack of hangers - I knew I should of got more buuutt I didn't. I'll get some more. I love finding a deal. We got James a new Cars ball for the backyard. It's a big one and he LOVES it!

Today we also got our 'new to us' couch. It's a Hide -a- Bed which is awesome for us! It allows us to have company to stay overnight. Since we were bringing over new furniture I asked if we could grabbed my glider - again I'm in a nesting mode and NEED everything to be put in place.

Don't mind the DVD box. We need to get Chris a new dresser so we can store these out in the living room.

My little nursing corner. I have a soft light lamp behind me and my Aden + Anais Serenity Star. I'm going to make a little cover to go over the diaper storage bin just to make it look nice.

I'm really sorry if I am repeating myself. I feel like I am rambling constantly!! <------ LIKE THAT!

James' rather LARGE diaper stash will be put somewhere else - I'm not sure if I will keep it in the nursery but it's an eye sore right now. We also still need to get the crib mattress which isn't top priority as Graham will be sleeping in our room in his bassinet but still - I want it!

That's all I have right now. I am still looking for some wall hangings just to add that personal touch - OH and we still need to put up the GINORMOUS leaf that we got for James last year. He doesn't want it so we will put it in the nursery.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Chris' Grandma's 95th birthday! I am hoping to take a lot of pictures so there will be a post on tomorrows festivities!

Much love