Saturday, August 18, 2012

What I still need/want or have!

So with the weeks ticking down till Graham makes his grand entrance, I am going through all the baby stuff that we still have from James. I didn't get rid of anything really - but there are a few things that I would like to have this time around that I didn't have with James.

Glider with Ottoman: I never had a nice chair to sit in while I nursed James. Some say that it's not worth it, BUT I want it - so I am searching for a deal. Most likely I will Craigslist that bad boy. *Once we got everything in - an ottoman wouldn't work. But I DO have my glider!!

Crib Mattress: Since James is still using his crib mattress we are in need of another one. My wonderful mum said she would get that for us!

Wrap: With James we were gifted a Snugli - and I HATED it! It was SO uncomfortable to wear him. So that didn't last that long. Last year I was SUPER lucky and won an Ergo - so I was happy that we at least had a new carrier. But now that we are on to the second babe, I'm going to need to be hands free. The Ergo seems to bulky for everyday in the house use so a Wrap will be essential. LUCKY ME! I just won a Je Porte Mon Bebe wrap. So YAY for free!! *It's on it's way to me! *

Baltic Amber Necklace: I still have J's necklace but I would like to get Graham a new one. Again lucky me - I won a 50% off coupon for one and it's on it's way to me now! *Graham's amber arrived! It's all ready for a little babe!*
A Lamp: I still need to find a little lamp for Graham's room. I need something that will throw some soft lighting - nothing bright - as I will need it for nursing. I did win a Serenity Star from Aden & Anais a while back so I'm wondering if that would be enough light - we will have to see once the time comes. *The Serenity Star gives off a subtle light but we did find a lamp to have in there as well*

So far that's all I can think of. I have all the diapers I need... seriously. I took another shot a few days ago, and I REALLY don't need anymore.. doesn't mean I don't want more!

I have also bought Graham a new Ally Zabba blankie and some new muslin swaddlers. I will do a review on those later.

That's about it.

Much love