Wednesday, August 15, 2012

30 weeks - My big 'ole belly

Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy!

I'm feeling better than I have - but I think that has to do with the fact that I know I am going to be off of work next week - I don't know if I will be going back to work after but either way I am relieved to know that I get to spend the last few weeks of this pregnancy with James.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday and everything is looking good. I am measuring right on track. Graham was head down yesterday and I still think he is as his kicks and rolls are close to my ribs. He had a great heart rate of 145BMP - and my blood pressure is great. Around this time with James I had elevated blood pressure that had to be monitored but not this time. The leg cramps have gone away - but I bet they come back in a couple weeks - my dad thinks it was dehydration that caused them so I've been making sure to drink lots of fluids. It's difficult though, cause it makes me want to pee...constantly!

I've gained a bit more weight - which the midwives are happy about. I was told to expect another 10 -15 lbs gain - Uhhhh I don't think so. Maybe 10 but 15 is pushing it for me!!

The heat is KILLING me! Our new place gets so warm in the afternoon that I am wishing the rains would come! For example today - it was so nice in the morning, James played out on the deck while I got breakfast ready and what not - but when we went to go down for our nap my room was sweltering and just gross. We both slept on top of the covers - James was just in his diaper and I was in a tank and nothing else. WAAAY TO HOT TO BE WEARING CLOTHING!!

I asked Chris to go and pick up a fan for us - I know it's not going to do a lot but at least we can get some air circulating.... Tomorrow James and I will go to park in the AM when it's still cool outside and then find some indoor activities to do on the afternoon. Poor boy thought it was too hot to play outside today.

We went to Ikea yesterday..again! We needed to get a new desk for the laptop as well as a little rug for Graham rooms. I got some great inspiration for his nursery. We can't paint but I can add decor to the wall. I will have to take a picture of his room once it is all done. Still needing to get my glider and a crib mattress which I ordered today. Now to just make some curtains and other little added goodies!

Well that's about it. Check out my belly - he's growing!!

Much love