Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Home Birth - Graham's Birth Story

He has finally arrived - at 40 weeks 5 days.

I woke up on Monday, October 29th, around 4:30 am to small, uncomfortable contractions. I really didn't think much of them since I was having so much false labor, I just thought to myself, this isn't it...and that I would fall asleep again soon. Chris got up for work, and I didn't say a word about what I was feeling. I got James into bed with me and tried to fall back asleep. It took some time for Jimbo to go back to sleep since I was lying there timing contractions. He was more interested in what Mummy was doing.

He finally fell asleep, and my contractions picked up in intensity. While timing them, I would drift off to sleep then would be woken with pain. At this time they were about 10 minutes apart. Again, I didn't say to myself "Ok this is it... today we are going to have a baby" No that didn't come till later!

After 4 hours of lying there, timing them, I realized they were not going to go away. So around 8:00 am I snuck out of bed - grabbed my birthing dress and went to have a shower. If today really was baby day then I wanted to be feeling fresh! I sent Chris a text telling him that my contractions were now about 8 minutes apart and that I was going to take a shower to see if they stopped (Before, if I showered or had a bath, the contractions would soon stop after) I hopped in and they just got worse.

My last belly shot! 40 weeks 5 days pregnant

Yes, today... we were going to welcome Graham into the world.

When he didn't answer back, I called him. I told him not to leave yet, that I was going to call the midwives first then let him know if they think it's the real deal. I don't know why I just didn't tell him to come home then, I knew it was real.

I called my mum and my mother in law to let them know that today was 'THE DAY', plus my mother in law was going to take James for the time being. Around 9:00 am I called Chris again and told him to get home. These contractions were not fake, and that today was the day.

I was starting to vocalize through some contractions, as they were painful. I really helped to sway back and forth and bounce on the spot. I was sorta dancing through them. Finally I called the midwives to let them know that my contractions were now about 6 minutes apart and were coming on strong.

Janice said to call back when they were about 4 minutes apart. Chris got home and my Mother in law came over to get James. Chris was excited and nervous, as was I.

We both gave James BIG hugs and kisses and let him know that we loved him very very much. He said good bye and went with Nana, no questions asked. Now it was just Chris and I.

I puttered around the house. I made Pumpkin seeds, and got the bed all set up. We watched a movie while I bounced on my ball - it wasn't very comfortable. To be honest I couldn't sit down. The pain was too much. Around 12:00pm things changed. I do believe I went into actual active labor. Contractions were coming 3-4 minutes apart and were so intense. I totally forgot how painful they were. With James I had some morphine, so that took the edge off but didn't make them go away.

I again called Janice and she said she would make her way over. My mother in law returned with a bunch of food for us, fruit, cheese and veggies. It was great. I wasn't super hungry, but I did munch on the fruit and I drank A LOT of water. I hopped into the shower which was divine! LOVED that.

Around 1:30 pm Janice arrived. At this time, I couldn't stay still and could not NOT vocalize through my contractions. I was breathing through them, and focusing on that, but they were intense. She check how dilated I was - 6 cm!! WOOHOO!!

At this time we moved into the bedroom to labor away. I pretty much danced through my contractions, while breathing and groaning. I was bent over the side on the bed and stayed like that for some time. I vaguely remember Jenny showing up.

Time was moving so fast... as were my contractions. I kept thinking to myself, " I just need my water to break... please break!" I had a lot of back labor and my goodness.. it was PAINFUL! I kept saying "Now I understand why people choose the drugs" While I was joking about that, I could feel the pressure building - and that urge coming... the urge to push.

We decided to get up on the bed - on my hands and knees. Being bent over was the most comfortable for me. Janice suggested trying to lay on my side - I started to move and another contraction came and cut me off from moving. "Nope, that's not happening" I said to them all. Jenny kept checking Graham's heart rate, which was still great. No worries there.

I was so SO very thankful for Janice and her heating pad. My hot water bottle was not cutting it. The sweet sweet relief during contractions and that warmth on my back was heaven. Around 3:30pm EVERYTHING changed.

The contractions became so strong, I became a completely different person. No more silence from me. I started to roar, grunt and scream. Janice was so great at keeping me in check. *I can only imagine how Chris saw this - So I asked him "I actually thought it was kinda funny. I tried to not laugh. But I really wanted to" * Thanks!!

I felt powerful. I trusted my body and I knew we could do it. I got so hot and just felt ill. At one point I thought I was going to puke, but I kept it together. Wearing my dress was great, cause when I told Chris I needed it off - it came off quick, and just in time too. While on my hands and knees (I never moved from this position till he was born) my water FINALLY broke. It was the oddest feeling. I was pushing and pushing and then *WOOSH* It felt so damn good. Like there wasn't anything holding me back now. I could feel and see Graham moving down through my pelvis - and then - it was time.

Jenny, checked his heartbeat again and then I gave it all I had. Screaming, roaring, doing what I was made to do. Janice, again kept me focused, and was really a godsend. As Graham started to crown (Oh that sensation is something else) I began to lose control. I kept saying "Janice, get him out of me, please get him out!" She was so sweet and said "Keep pushing, he's almost here" She was so calm and I tried to focus on how sweet and quiet her voice sounded. 
And just like that - his head was born. I shouted "Can I cry now?!" I began to sob. Janice let me know I needed to slow down and to stop pushing. "Breath slowly" I tired, I really really did, but the urge to get him out was like nothing I have ever felt before.
Then, he was here. 4:32 pm... my baby boy is here.

I was so weak - tired and soaring so high on oxytocin. Janice told me to reach down and grab him - he came up between my legs, and went right on my chest. His cord was not cut right away, and he didn't cry right away either. I on the other hand was a BIG ball of blubbering baby. I was so excited and elated to finally have him here. I was crying like I have never cried before.

After the after birth was birthed we all just chilled in the bedroom for the next hour or so. Graham was cleaned up, after we initiated breastfeeding (He latched right away, and was rough!) We weighed him and measured him.

9 lbs 8 oz - 22 inches long. 10 fingers and 10 toes and is a spitting image of his father.
I did tear a little, and to be honest, getting stitched up hurt more than the birth itself. OUCH! After all that, I got up and took a shower while the midwives cleaned up and Chris spent some time with Graham. It was so awesome to be in my own home and use my towels and be.. comfortable. Around 6:30pm  Janice and Jenny were ready to leave. All the paper work was done, our parents were called, and now it was time to bring Jimbo home. (I will do a separate post about their meeting for the first time)
My entire labour and delivery from the beginning of contractions till the time Graham was born was 12 hours. It was 4 hours of active labour, till he was born... FAST!
My home birth experience was empowering, magical, and tops one of the best times of my life.
We are now settling in as a family of four and I am so in love with all my boys. Life could not be more perfect!
Our first official photo. He's about 1 minute old.

Much love

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