Thursday, November 22, 2012

Potty Learning with James *Warning pee and poop are metioned!*

We have finally started to Potty Learn!! Well, Jimbo is potty learning.
James is almost 3 (in January) and to be honest, Chris and I thought he would NEVER go on the potty. Well, now he is a pee on the potty kinda guy!
When we moved in August, he started to show some interest, and actually did go a few times, but then out of nowhere he refused to go on the potty and would hold it in for HOURS and then would finally let it go all over the house... so we just decided he wasn't ready.
I thought maybe it was the type of potty we had for him... we have multiple potty seats as well as actual potties. Finally he started to use the BabyBjorn potty.
He would scream when we put him on it, but then would eventually calm down and would do his business. But yet again, he got scared and stopped.

A few days before Graham was born, James started showing interest in his potty again. He would still cry when he sat on it, but it wouldn't take an hour for him to go. We did start to bribe him with M&M's (num nums) and it did work. We would ask every 15 minutes if he had to go and he would tell us. NOW, 3 weeks later he is just going by himself.

We've had a few accidents - like when he sat to go pee with his pants on, because we didn't show him how to pull his pants off. *FAIL* and the ONLY other time was when we went grocery shopping and forgot to put him in his diaper. He fell asleep sitting in the cart, and Chris took him out so he would be more comfortable and James peed all over him... I couldn't help but laugh!

Now going 'for real' as we call it, is a WHOLE other story. James is TERRIFIED to poop on the potty. He's only done it maybe 4 times, and the other times he's done it while sleeping. It's difficult to get him to sit long enough to do it... and then it's the whole sensation I am guessing. But when he does go on the potty he is SO proud of himself. We will get there... soon I hope. After he goes, he washes his hands and then comes RUNNING out to tell us. It's so cute!


James still wears a diaper to bed - well we just bought him pull ups cause I was tired of him wearing an actual diaper. He seems to like the pull ups more, as we say they are his special 'sleep' undies. This morning he woke up dry, and went to the potty as soon as we got out of bed. We went shopping for a few hours and again, he came home dry and peed on his potty. I did ask him if he needed to go and took him to the bathroom but he didn't want to sit on the big potty.

He loves his underwear - seriously! He wants to pick out the ones he wants to wear and I think they are so cute.

Chris and I are SO proud of him. He has come a long way since August! My little baby is now a big boy!!

Much love

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  1. Potty training is an adventure! Lil Mister decided to train a little early. We tried around 18 months and got no where and all of the sudden he's doing it! We're 3 weeks in and down to maybe 1 accident a day and nappies at nap and nighttime only! Good luck! I know how frustrating it can be! Just keep cheering him on!

    1. Ahh I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! LUCKY you Shana! I wish J would have shown interest at 18 months! Good luck to you as well!


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