Friday, February 17, 2012

David's Tea - Countess of Seville {Review}

For Christmas, C's Nana gave me a David's Tea giftcard. I was SO happy to receive this as I am a tea junkie. I love tea. All kinds of tea!

Lucky me, there is a David's Tea in the mall where I work. So one day before I had to go in, I went and spent it all. Yup - it was burning a hole in my pocket as my dad would say.

I purchased a little single cup teapot (in teal) as well as 2 - 100g tins of tea AND an additional 50g bag of tea.

The first 100g tin I bought is called 'Countess of Seville' and it is DEVINE!


Organic: green tea, orange peel, cornflowers. With orange oil & bergamot oil.

"Did Earl Grey really woo the Countess if Seville with this sweet, romantic, green-tea-and-orange version of the original tea?"

The tea leaves are 'bundled' up, as I like to say. Because once you add your hot water to these - they open up! I was shocked to see what they looked like after they had time to steep!

While dry, the scent is AMAZING! The orange peel really comes through - as well as the bergamot oil. (I love bergamot!)

It says to use a 1 1/2 tsp. (Which I do) and let it steep for 3-4 minutes. Sometimes I forget that I'm making tea and it sits for 10. Either way it's delicious! The coloring of the drink itself is a light 'yellow' - it doesn't get 'dark'

It's light and flavourful yet still has the "Earl Grey" smelly/taste (if that makes any sense) - I sometimes use some organic honey to sweeten but not usually. It's great on it's great on its own. I'll have a cup in the morning and sometimes one before bed.

If you love green tea, I would defiantly recommend this. It's light, flavourful and refreshing!

Much love