Monday, December 3, 2012

Undercover Mama Review {Giveaway}

One aspect of nursing that I really disliked with James was that when I nursed in public, everyone could see my belly... I was more subconscious about that then actually breastfeeding in public. An Undercover Mama solves that problem!
I have heard WONDERFUL reviews about the Undercover Mama, and I really wanted to review one. I contacted them and they were more than willing to send one to me to review for you all. I just have to say right off the bat - I LOVE THESE!
What is an Undercover Mama?
It's the BEST accessory for every nursing Mum! It's an under shirt you wear - under your regular every day t-shirts. Thus making every shirt a nursing top!
The shirt is designed to attach to your nursing bra, either with the loops or the hooks. When it comes time for baby to eat, just pull up your top layer, unclasp your bra and feed! Your belly is covered and personally I feel more comfortable! To see a more detailed explanation go here .
I was sent a medium sized shirt, in the Grey color. I chose Grey as it can be worn under any color shirt really. Undercover Mama offers a great selection of colors to choose from! When I received it I didn't even wash it. I put it on and started my review. I was NOT disappointed. We were going out for dinner to my in laws and while I nurse openly there, and don't care if my belly was showing or not, we did have other company and it felt great to be able to nurse with everyone around without showing so much skin.

I showed my Mum and Mother in Law and both of them said they wished they had something like the Undercover Mama when they were nursing! Even my non nursing friends thought it was great!

I loved this shirt so much the first time I wore it, I went and bought the black one!

What I love about the Undercover Mama:

  • It's long and doesn't ride up
  • Works with my nursing bras (Bravado, Motherhood Maternity*)
  • Comfortable
  • Great color choices
  • Good price point
  • It can be worn even after you are done nursing
While I really do love the Undercover Mama, I did/do have some issues with it. Nothing huge, but I find it more difficult to nurse when I have on a foam padded nursing bra* I just find that I have a harder time getting Graham latched. The bra, combined with the shirt bunches up under my breast, but I think it has more to do with the padded bra then the shirt itself. Regardless, I think the Undercover Mama is the cats meow. I've been telling everyone about them! The quality of the shirt is top notch. It's not thin and not overly thick. It washes well and has kept it shape.

My overall review is, every soon to be mama and EVERY nursing mum should own an Undercover Mama! It's now a staple for me. I wear one every time we go out. I've even asked for a couple more for Christmas.
You can purchase your very own Undercover Mama here. The price is great, as it's something you will wear every day! Make sure you get at least 2! One to wash and one to wear!
Enter for your chance to WIN
  (choice of size and color excluding Blueberry, Orange and Emerald)
(based on availability)
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Big THANK YOU to Undercover Mama for letting me review your amazingly awesome top. I have a feeling I will be wearing mine long after Graham has stopped nursing!
Much love



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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Undercover Mamas! I would choose grey or pink in a small.

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  3. I LOVE Undercover Mama!!! I ordered 3 of them to use with baby girl due any day now! I wear the XXL and would choose the Emerald color (I already own white, cream & gray).

    1. I'd love to get one in black or pink actually (since Emerald isn't part of the giveaway).

  4. Stephanie Huhn ( 3, 2012 at 10:30 AM

    These are at the top of my amazon christmas wish list. I already own white lace, black lace and blueberry. I would LOVE one in pink or brown.


    1. Stephanie Huhn ( 3, 2012 at 10:31 AM

      oh whoops. I forgot to mention size large.

  5. I already have the emerald, orange, and black ones and absoutely LOVE them! Looking to add more to my collection soon and a freebie sure would be great!

    1. Oh...btw I like the white size L!

  6. These have been great for nursing this time around. I would love to have another one to throw into the mix! I would love a small pink or brown one.

  7. I have one in brown and one in white, so I think I would like a medium grey one!

  8. I would love the grey nursing shirt in a small!

  9. I have a white one, two black ones, and a grey one! I'd love to get a Nude in Small!

  10. Love undercover Momma!! would wear a large and choose a color of White or pink

  11. I would choose white in size small!

  12. I would get one of the in medium!

  13. I would get white or gray in size large. :)

  14. I would choose a. Grey in size medium
    Amy Menzies menzies(at)bell(dot)net

  15. medium in blue
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  16. I ordered some today! Can't wait to receive them! I bought Pink and Black in Small =)


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