Friday, August 31, 2012

#babygifts PRK Products Giveaway! {59.99}

The Best Baby Shower Gifts 2012

This next giveaway in the #babygifts guide event is from PRK Products.

You could win a 12 jar baby food jar organizer as well as a baby bottle/sippy cup organizer - that also hold 12! A retail value of $59.99!!

"Maximize cabinet space and tame the chaos in kitchen cabinets with efficient baby food and beverage container organizers from PRK™ Products. No more multiple parts of bottles and sippy cups taking up valuable kitchen space, the Universal Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Organizer keeps all the parts in one tidy place. The Universal Baby Food Jar Organizer stores 16 jars and even acts as a shelf, allowing for other items to be stacked on top of it. PRK™ Products are dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate free and can be stored in the pantry, fridge or freezer (great for store bought or homemade baby food)."
This giveaway is open to both US and CAN!

Thank you to A Hen's Nest for organizing this giveaway.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I was up to today!

Today I made my boys new blankets!!

I wanted to make Graham his crib bedding - well a crib blanket and some matching throw pillows to have around the room. But then I thought, well since I am going to make him one I HAVE to make Jimbo one too - just not a small one... a nice BIG one that he can snuggle with.

I went to the fabric store yesterday and spend some moola on a couple different color minky fabrics as well as a Cars fabric for James.

Here is what I created!

Graham's blanket - Owl fabric is from Ikea


I still am wanting to make pillow covers for some cheap pillow inserts I bought for Graham's room and I want to make James a new pillow case. But I think I will slow down a bit - I don't want to have to go back to the store to buy MORE fabric to make a blanket for me....well..... I do but not right now!

Much love

#babygifts Dandelion Handcrafted Rattles Giveaway {29.99}

This next giveaway is awesome for Moms to be or new mama's. I wish I could enter this one! Sorry Canadian readers - this is open to US ONLY.

Who is Dandelion - earth-friendly goods?

"Dandelion, earth-friendly goods, is a new division of Re-Think It, Inc., a family owned, family-focused company. In 1987, owners Craig & Amy Shumway had a vision to bring something truly different to the market. They’ve been developing new ideas and fresh creations ever since! The Shumway’s vision has culminated in 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of infant products and feeding items. Our office and warehouses are located in Winter Park, FL; but you can find our quality products nationwide.

Smart parents are more concerned than ever about what babies touch and teethe, and the Dandelion brand gives you peace of mind. Dandelion offers a sophisticated look while reflecting a back-to-basics, eco-conscious style."

So what exactly can you win??

You can win this set of King and Queen rattles!
"Easy to grasp rattles to entertain young adventurers! Discover bold colors and shaker sounds, but the fun has just begun. The perfect grow-with-me toys as your child grows, so does the imaginative world of pre-tend play! Adorable and machine washable!
Perfect Grow-with-Me Toy
Crocheted using silky bamboo threads
Stuffed with fluffy fibers made from corn
Machine washable
5 1/2" inches tall"
How stinkin' cute are those!

Thank you to A Hen's Nest for this great giveaway!

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HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set Giveaway #babygifts {$115.00}

The Best Baby Shower Gifts 2012 When James was first born I looked into safe sleep ways. IE: swaddling, blankets, and wearable blankets. One name kept popping up around the Internet and by word of mouth. Halo SleepSack.

I thought this was such an ingenious idea that I just had to have one. I was so excited to get it BUT James hated it - so I kept it anyways in hope that my next babe would appreciate it!

The next giveaway in the #babygifts giveaway event is a HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set. You get to choose your color (based on availability!)

"With the American Academy of Pediatrics now saying "no" to crib bumpers, HALO Innovations has introduced its own Safe Sleep Crib SetTM designed to create an attractive and safe sleep environment for babies.

The five-piece HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set consists of a HALO SleepSack wearable blanket, SleepSack Swaddle, both in 100% cotton; two coordinating crib sheets in soft cotton jersey; and a matching crib skirt.

Too often parents 'overdress' the crib with quilt and bumpers, both of which can pose a breathing threat for baby," comments Bill Schmid, founder of Halo Innovations. "The Halo SleepSack and SleepSack Swaddle are the only things a baby needs in the crib to stay warm and sleeping safely, and the soft jersey sheet provides a snug fit on the mattress.

The new HALO Safe Sleep Crib Sets are available on and The set comes in six patterns including pink, blue and neutral tones."

Thank you to A Hen's Nest for organizing this amazing giveaway!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week Thirty Two.. the count down is on!

As I sit here - eating a bowl of chocolate pudding and gummy worms I can't help but think what life is going to be like in 8 short weeks.

I finally got to go to the fabric store today. I spent a pretty penny on come cute fabrics for James and for Graham. I will be sure to post pictures once their blankies and accessories are done. I got James' new blankie all cut out - but when I went to get the sewing machine together I realized I didn't have the darn power cord for it. So tomorrow I am on the hunt for that silly cord. Since I have to took for it I will cut out the fabric for Graham's blankie as well as the envelope covers for the pillows.

So at 32 weeks that leaves 56 days or so till I am 'due' There is still lots to do - I NEED to get my home birth kit together - I may just end up buying a prepackaged one from MamaGodess in Vancouver - I just need to be able to pick the darn thing up.

Chris and I decided NOT to do a water birth. Since we moved - we live on the top floor (it's a 4-plex) and him and I are both worried that something will burst OR Mr. Landlord will find out and be upset. We aren't even allowed to have a fish tank so a massive birthing pool in the kitchen probably isn't the best thing either. But I am still going to birth at home - just in the tub.

I'm still fairly tired, but since I am done work now - I can nap with James everyday (even on the weekends). I feel HOT all the freaking time. Usually I sleep with the covers up to my darn chin but lately I have to have the fan on and no covers. Braxton Hicks are pretty much an everyday thing - I've even thought I've had a few actual contractions - so I will talk to my midwife who I see on Tuesday about that. Plus - I am thirsty ALL THE TIME. I am constantly refilling our Brita jug and downing water like it's going out of style.

I just feel...BIG... It's difficult to sleep, roll over, put my shoes on, pick James up... day to day duties are becoming hard to handle and do. I got stuck in the darn bathtub a few days ago... thank goodness Chris was home!

Needless to say - I am glad the countdown is on. I hate to complain as I am so lucky to be able to do this. Also this is our last so I want to treasure this as much as possible. But let's be honest - by the end - you just want to meet your wee babe and be done with it all.

Happy Wednesday

Much love

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



James went up to Chris - punched the front of his diaper and said "I pee!" Chris thought he had already peed in his diaper (which he did) but then James walked over to his potty and sat down. Chris went racing over to take his diaper off - James then sat down.

I for sure thought that he would get right back up but he didn't, he just sat there. He asked for something to drink and his coloring book. We left him to be and then he called us back. He was looking at me with that deer caught in the headlights look - so I asked "Are you going pee pee??" he replied with "YES!!!"

Chris confirmed that YES indeed James peed on his potty. We started to cheers and clap and I cried!! Silly hormones!

James was so excited!!!

He got to chose a new car for his special bag - and then him and daddy went to flush the pee away! While Chris grabbed the insert he spilled it everywhere!! We all had a good laugh!

Oh my - my little boy is growing up! I have never been more proud!

So let's see what tomorrow brings - no diapers tomorrow  - Just undies! Wish us luck!

Much love

Not so Wordless Wednesday - Surprise Monday - at the Aquarium

On Monday my MIL called to see if Jimbo and I would like to go to Vancouver. I haven't been in a LONG time and I needed to get out of the house with James so I agreed. I was pretty excited to take him to Stanley Park for what I thought would be an afternoon of walking.

We decided to drive past the Olympic torch and see Chris. That was nice as I don't get to see him in his work attire {I'm going to be honest and say it was a definite turn on to see him like that. Hard hat and all!}

After that my MIL said we would go for some lunch and then we would head off to the Aquarium. Uhh.. I wasn't planning on going to see the fishes but was SUPER excited nonetheless for James. Chris and I have been talking about taking him for a long time but we just haven't got around to doing it or money was too tight that month to go. (It ain't cheap!!)

We had some lunch and then headed off. We had NO IDEA that it would be so freakin' busy. It was a Monday afternoon for pete's sake! The walk through Stanely Park was so beautiful. The gardens were so full of color!

The colors are amazing. Some plants I have never seen before and they were so vibrant and vivid!

Once we got to the Aquarium James was super excited to see all the fishes. He kept asking to see "Meano? Mummy I see Meano?" Nemo is his favorite fish character. So we went on a hunt to find Nemo.

This frog was NEON green. So cool looking

I love Jellies. They are so neat to look at and are so fluid



He was hiding on me!

 James really liked the full glass fish tanks. He kept saying "I swim? I swim?" He didn't want to leave one part cause he could see so much!

 We found the Penguin exhibit and my little man fell in love. At first he thought they were fish and I explained that they were called Penguins "Pendins?" Ok close enough - again he didn't want to leave the exhibit cause the penguins would swim right up to the glass and look at James. He was very happy to make some new friends.

The smile of one happy little man!

It was getting very crowded and we couldn't let James walk around a lot in fear that he would take off (something he likes to do) so we went to see the sea turtle and then we headed off to the gift shop.

I wanted to get James a little something to remember his first trip to the Aquarium so we went to the gift shop. There was a lot to chose from! I was showing him cups with penguins on them or a t shirt but he grabbed at a stuffed penguin, gave him a hug and a kiss and I knew I had to buy another stuffy... I don't mind though cause he was so happy to be able to bring a "pendin fend" home.

We left and within 10 minutes he was asleep. He got home and Daddy was home from work and he was telling him all about him day.

I had a blast. Just to see the smile on his face - plus I haven't been to the Aquarium in 15 years!! It was a fantastic Monday I must say!

Chris and I plan on taking him to the Zoo this weekend - weather permitting... I can't wait to see how he reacts to THOSE animals!

Much love

Monday, August 27, 2012

#BabyGifts Bundles and Buzz SUPER Baby Bundle + a GC! {ARV $100}

We've got another Bundles & Buzz giveaway! This time it's for a SUPER Baby bundle! PLUS a $20.00 GC for when you just HAVE to have the next bundle!

If you don't know what a Bundle is here's a little snippit:

"Bundles are surprise packages of mom/baby products, supplied by companies who are looking to increase their sales, introduce a new product, clear out discontinued products or boost brand awareness. The content of the Bundles will be a surprise until the customer receives their package. That’s what makes it so exciting! We occasionally make hints on our Facebook page, but because Bundles often vary, no customer will know exactly what they will be getting."

Here's a sample of what you may find in a REGULAR baby bundle. Remember this giveaway is for a SUPER Baby Bundle!
Thank you to A Hen's Nest for organizing this great giveaway!

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Celebrating 95 years

On Sunday Chris' sweet Grandma Isabel turned 95! This woman is amazing! I love her to bits. She's so funny and still has it all together.

Here are some pictures from her party!

Happy Monday!
Much love

Squoosh By Baby Gourmet {Review}

I received an email a few weeks ago asking if I was interested in reviewing a new line from Baby Gourmet called Squoosh. It's designed for school aged children (or in my case my 2.5 year old!) I had never tried any of the Baby Gourmet products but was super interested in them. I saw them all the time at the local Wal Mart and thought it was a great idea! I loved the packaging. Seemed simple to take on the road with you and you didn't have to fight with jars and what not not.

I agreed to do the review as I loved that Squoosh is all organic and has no added fillers or sugars. PLUS! it has a full serving of fruit and veggies. With James being a picky veggie eater I thought this would be a great way for him to get SOME kind of veggie in his diet. (Note that I still give him veggies - so no angry emails about how I need to still feed him veg!)

This is what I received! It comes in packs of four (which I believe retail for $4.99) Squoosh comes in four flavours -

  • BeetBerry – banana, apple, beet, blueberry
  • OrangoBango – mango, carrot, banana, apple
  • SquabbleBerry – apple, blueberry, squash, banana
  • Banango – banana, mango, apple, squash
James loves beets so I chose BeetBerry. As I said before it's all organic and they use fresh fruits and veggies. 

I opened the box and immediately gave one to James to try. I held my breath as I was unsure how he would like it....well the kid LOVED it. I even tried it and it was DELISH! Seriously. I've had some nasty pre packaged children's food, but this tasted great.

I really love how it comes packaged. I find it super easy to toss into the diaper bag when we go out, and if he doesn't eat it all right away (which doesn't happen) I like that I have the option to put the lid back on.
The Squoosh product line contains no added sugars, salts, artificial coloring/flavouring and is gluten-free, nut-free, housed in BPA-free packaging.

Easy, squeezable packaging with a CAP! 

I believe they are launching the Kids Gourmet line in October. I will definitely be getting more of these. James loves them and I love the ease of them. I'm not worried he's putting straight crap in his body. Just look at how happy he is!

Be sure to check out Baby Gourmets website and Facebook page for any new updates about the Kids Gourmet launch.

Thank you to Baby Gourmet for letting me review your new line. We really do love it and look forward to bringing this product into our home!

Much love

Please note I was sent a sample of the above mentioned product. NO monetary compensation was exchanged. All opinion are strictly my own and by receiving the product in no way was my opinion swayed. My opinion may differ from yours. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.