Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nature's Natural Solutions Review & {Giveaway}

During the cold winter months, my hands get so dry. I am very anal about washing my hands. I probably wash them 15 or 20 times day which makes them dry and cracked. I have tried a lot of lotions, and they have either been too greasy, too smelly or they just don't cut it. So I went on a hunt for something more natural. My father in law swears that goats milk is the way to go for ultimate moisturization (is that a word??) So I typed into Google's search box "Natural goat milk lotion" and up popped Nature's Natural Solutions.  

A little but about Nature's Natural Solutions:

Nature's Natural Solutions is dedicated to bringing you the most healthy, natural and soothing goat milk skin care product's possible.

We specialize in skin care products made with FRESH goat's milk and cater to people with sensitive skin and skin problem's but of course our product's can be used by anyone.

Goat Milk is fast becoming one of the most sought after bodycare products world wide and with good reason!

Goat Milk is easily absorbed by the skin, bringing with it moisture, restorative proteins, vitamins and minerals that help keep your skin soft, supple and healthy the way nature intended.

I contacted NNS to see if I could review one of their products. They agreed! I was sent a 2oz bottle of their best selling Orange and Honey Goats Milk body lotion. As well as a Corrective Lip Balm in sensitive.

Corrective Lip Balm:

"Our "Corrective Lip Conditioner" was designed to be used with the
most sensitive* and driest lips in mind. Capable of correcting and
restoring the correct moisture balance and leaving your lips soft, supple and smooth.

Ultra creamy, buttery and smooth. Glides on and stays on! Not oily like
so many others and contains no harsh chemicals.

Ok so, I have tried a lot and I mean A LOT of different lip balms. I have so many lying around the house that never get used because they are too tacky, or oily. This balm is different from the rest. I was OH so lucky to get sick, and one way I know I am getting sick is my lips get dry and crack or peel. I started using NNS' corrective lip balm at night and when I would wake up in the morning my lips felt soft and supple.

There is no scent to the sensitive balm which I like. I'm not big on scent. I did find at the beginning that when i applied the balm, I had to slightly tug a bit and put some pressure to the stick in order to apply it. But after a few applications it glided on smoothly. It doesn't leave your lips feeling caked with product. 

I am happy to say that my lips are not peeling anymore and I keep this balm on my night table for when I go to bed! 

Goat Milk Hand and Body Lotion: 

''6 years in the making our lotion is our best selling product. Very concentrated and will leave a soft silky feel to your skin. Bursting with skin nourishing unrefined natural butters
along with some of the best oils nature has to provide like Jojoba, Sunflower and Avocado. Also enriched with some of natures best conditioning agents and anti-inflammatories to leave your skin feeling moisturized, soft and healthy.''

I can see why this is their best selling product. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!  NNS' Goat Milk Lotion is concentrated, so a little goes a long way! Like I said before I get really dry skin in the winter months and it's not just my hands. My elbows get dry too. I kept my bottle of Goat Milk lotion in my purse while at work and always put it by my bed at night. I use it all the time! I am going to have to get another bottle.

The scent is divine!! Orange Honey. Mmmm mm good. While it is scented, it's not overly scented. I don't feel like everyone around me can smell my hand lotion.

After a couple of weeks of using it regularly, my knuckles are soft, my elbows are not dry and my hands are so smooth. I've even used it on my face when my cheeks get dry. (Plus J really loves it)

This is by far the best Goat Milk Lotion I have ever tried. I love that it's a Canadian made product (Made in Nova Scotia) plus it's natural.

If you are looking for a Natural Goat Milk lotion, THIS is for you!!!!

Nature's Natural Solution's doesn't just make lotion and lip balm. They have a HUGE selection of goat's milk products. From Soap, to facial scrub and even an Air and Linen Refresher spray.

If you would like to purchase your own NNS products head on over to their website. There has to be something there for you! Or you can try your luck! Follow the Rafflecopter link below!

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