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Wonder Bumpers Review {Giveaway} CAN ONLY

What are Wonder Bumpers?

Wonder Bumpers are the safe, smart alternative to conventional bumper pads. Wonder Bumpers' innovative design continuously protects your baby's head and body, prevents escape artists from crawling out of their crib and provides increased air flow.

When we found out we were pregnant with James, we bought a traditional crib bedding set. Complete with the standard bumpers. I didn't know at the time that these could potentially cause a higher risk of SIDS. With Graham, I've been given the amazing opportunity to review a set of Wonder Bumpers. First off let me just say that I was so ecstatic to be able to do this review. Ok, let's start!

I was sent a set of 38 Wonder Bumpers in the Chocolate Brown and Blue Combo to try out on Graham's crib. *I still need to purchase 4 more as our crib has 42 slats* I was SO excited to see these in person. Chris and I immediately put them on the crib to see how they worked! It took some time to get them all on - a good 40 minutes I would say! It goes a lot quicker with two people!

Our first thoughts were that they were so soft and squishy! Even James kept saying "Oh! So soft Mummy!" Once Graham starts really rolling around there is no way he can hurt his little head. They are plush enough to soften a hit, but not so overly plush that they cause a suffocation hazard.

They are individual foam covers, wrapped in soft luxurious minky fabric. They attach to each crib rail buy a zipper - and were very easy to put on the crib. They zip downwards so there is no chance of a little one unzipping them. They allow airflow, while giving protection from bumps. Unlike the traditional bumpers, these don't pose a suffocation hazard and little ones are unable to use them as a 'step stool' to get out.

Front of the crib. The bars are smaller but you still get a sleek look
Blue/Brown combo
A great feature of the Wonder Bumpers are they are reversible. So really you can have 3 different looks with the purchase of one set! While I love just the brown I also love that I can do a combo of both Blue and Brown. Means I can change up the look for the crib whenever I want. I love the look of them. They make the crib look... royal. I don't know why I think of that word, but the crib looks cozy.

Wonder Bumpers do meet all the CSPIA requirements.

How they are working for us:

So far we LOVE THEM!

Graham HATES sleeping by himself. So he has really only been in his crib a few times, BUT the few times he has been in there he has rolled himself over and I have so very thankful for having the Wonder Bumpers on his crib. My child may only be 5 weeks old, but since day nine he has been able to roll. I don't have the worry about him getting stuck underneath a traditional bumper. I know if he were to roll he would be able to breath and that he would be protected.

James on the other hand thinks these are the cats meow! I let him play around in the crib and he was unable to climb out. Believe me - he tried, but was VERY unsuccessful! They have also saved James from some head bumps. Yes my toddler falls a lot and he has taken a couple of headers into the crib.

Overall we are so pleased with Wonder Bumpers. They are a WAY better alternative to the traditional Crib Bumper. It gives me piece of mind when Graham is in his crib, knowing that if he were to get a limb caught - he wouldn't hurt himself. As well as being able to breath if/when he rolls over. They are a great investment and I HIGHLY recommend them. I only wish I would of known about them with James. It would have saved me a lot of worry!

To purchase your very own set of Wonder Bumpers head on over to Trillium Sales & Distribution. They have a great selection of Wonder Bumpers in store!
Enter for your chance to win!
Trillium Sales & Distribution has GENEROUSLY offered one of my CANADIAN readers the chance to win a set of 24 Wonder Bumpers in the Grey/Yellow combo.

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I want to thank Connie over at Trillium Sales & Distribution for the chance to review this amazing product as well as offering a giveaway. I really cannot thank you enough!

Much love

Please note that I was sent the above mentioned product free of charge to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was exchanged. All opinions are strictly my own and may differ from others. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
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