Friday, March 1, 2013

James wants to go to 'Stool'

Seriously!? - Preschool already? I'm not ready for this - someone please hold my hand!

Today we went and met with a potential Pre school teacher for James. I'm still trying to keep it together that my 'baby' is going to be attending Preschool this September.  NEXT TUESDAY!  His friend goes to the same Pre School so after James found out that his friend was going, he's been asking everyday "Mum - I- I - go to stool?"

We are starting out two days a week - for 2.5 hours each time. I decided on the morning class, just because he does have a schedule at home. So he will start at 9:00am and go till 11:30am. We still will be able to have lunch at the same time and will do nap time as we always do. If he enjoys it as much as I know he will - come September, we will up the days to possibly 5 days a week.

When we got there, he was little shy at first, but after a couple of minutes he was off looking around at everything they had to offer. It's a nice bright classroom, with loads of color everywhere. It really reminded me of my Kindergarten class 20 years ago!

I met with the teachers and they are SUPER nice. They explained how they run everything and showed me how the day is broken down. I love that they have a 'theme' for the month - so for March it's a St. Patty's theme. They are also learning about dental care.

I'm just so excited for him! I will be posting all about it and will post pictures of his first day. I asked him if I could stay with him on Tuesday but he said no "Mum - I go by myself"

Time has flown by - my baby starts Pre School next week!

Happy Friday!

Much love

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