Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Funday on a Saturday

It was a B E A U T I F U L day Saturday in Vancouver! Chris and I decided we would go out as a family. He's been wanting to go to the Aquarium, as I took James last year and he was bummed he didn't get to go.

Now, I am always a little nervous going out with both the boys. We are still getting used to taking them both out. I don't know why it's so dang hard - but it is getting easier.

They both fell asleep in the car on the way there, and I was nervous James would wake up in a bad mood. He was ok at first. Then he lost Chris and got scared, so from that point on he stayed close. Graham was a peach. We got in - and he needed a feed so I sat down and fed him. I never fed James in public. I was too shy to do it - but with Graham things are different. Let me tell you - I got a lot of stares. Made me feel slightly uncomfortable but I got over it quick. My baby was hungry!

We brought the stroller for James and the Ergo for Graham. He LOVES being in it now! James was "so essited" to see the fish. He was running around looking at everything. He got a real kick out of the beluga. "So BIG!"  There was also a fish at the beginning that was swimming around and around in his tank and James was laughing so hard. It was so great to see him excited!

We walked all around - saw some pretty interesting looking fish, the sharks, a GIANT turtle. We went through the Amazon exhibit which was pretty darn cool. There were butterflies all around - a sloth and some cool looking rays. I also got to see the Otters - they are my favorite!

We had some lunch and finished off with the Arctic exhibit. We went through the gift shop as I always like to get James a little something - he chose a baby penguin to go with his big "Pendin" and a PINK Vancouver Aquarium cup.

I was VERY thankful that we went early. By 2:00 it was packed!

The city was CRAZY busy. It took us over an hour to get home. I was irritated. I hate sitting in traffic.

On our way home I suggested to Chris we stop off and pick up some treats. Now if you know me personally, you know I have a sweet tooth. A really really big sweet tooth. I love cakes and sweets like that. We stopped off a Pink Ribbon Bakery. Sheila (the owner) and Chris know each other from school. Sheila creates amazing cakes and cupcakes. We've been wanting to go get some for quite a long time but just haven't. Yesterday we treated ourselves to a dozen of Sheila's cupcakes.

Maple Bacon was one that Chris and I both were dying to try. Let me tell you - I was worth the wait.

We got home, and I made dinner. We all relaxed for a bit - got the boys bathed and into bed. My original plan was to stay up and watch SNL, but Graham woke up around 10:00ish and needed a change and a nip. I then woke up at the clock read 2:54 am. So with the time change it was almost 4:00 in the MORNING! The TV was still on and Chris was asleep on the couch. I tried waking him up but it didn't work. I left him to sleep there!

Saturday was a great day. I love spending time with my boys - and I love to see them all happy.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!

Much love

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