Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Not So Worldess Wednesday - Jimbo's Big Day

Yesterday James attended his first day of Pre-School. Chris and I have a friend, who's son attends this Pre-School as well and has given it great praise.

I knew, it was time for James to get into Pre-School, but I wasn't thinking we would start so soon - I was thinking he would start in September. I needed to go and register him thinking it was like normal school. I would register him, and come September, he would attend 2 days a week (for now) for 2.5 hours each time. What I didn't expect was  - if there was an available spot he could start right away.

I asked him last week if he would like to go to School and he was on board "Yup! I go to stool Mummy" It was settled then. He would start the following week.

So this morning he was up bright and early - like 6:30 am early. He came running into my bedroom and said "It's morning Mummy! I go to stool today!" We both got up while Graham slept soundly. We had out breakfast -washed our faces and got dressed. I asked what he wanted to take for his snack "Um, um.. apples and cheese please" SO I sliced some apples up and gave him some cheese as well. I packed up his little Cars Backpack and added a Klean Kanteen water bottle for him.

Oh my goodness - he looked so stinkin' cute with his backpack on!

My Mother in Law came over as well as she wanted to come with us for his first day. It wasn't raining, so we decided to walk.
We really are lucky, as his Pre-School is just a short walk away from where we live. He of course was dragging his feet, and it took us a lot longer than we anticipated. Good thing I like to leave early so we weren't late!
When we got there - he was amazed by all the older children. my goodness there was a lot of them! Once we got inside he stuck close to me - but we got his coat hung up, as well as his backpack. As soon as he saw his teacher he was fine! He went running in to play with the toys.
I really liked how they start their morning. The children must move their own name from the 'Home' section on the board to the 'School' section. James knows his name and quickly did as he was asked.
I was getting teary eyed at this point. My little baby boy is no longer a baby. He truly is a big boy now.
He came up to me, gave me a big kiss, said "I love you Mummy! Bye!" and ran off. I said Good Bye and walked away.
I got outside where my Mother in Law was waiting with Graham and broke down - I wasn't wailing or anything, but I did get emotional.
I had 2.5 hours to myself - well sort of. Let me tell you - 2.5 hours can DRAG ON FOREVER - but at 11:15 we headed back to pick him up.
I walked into the classroom and bless his little heart - James looked right at me - his eyes lit up and he shouted "MUMMY!" and came running up.
I signed him out and off we went. He told me all about his day:
"I play puzzles"
"We read"
"I played with tools!"
"I go back to stool soon?"
So there you have it! James is officially going to Pre-School now and he LOVES IT! He does go back tomorrow and will continue that till June. We are hoping there is an opening in September for 3 days a week - he really enjoyed him self and his teacher said he only had a couple of times where he didn't follow direction. But its to be expected from a child who hasn't had a structured day. He even went to the potty!
I am so so so proud of him.

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  1. Yup, he's no longer a baby.. Look at that face. It's amazing how fast they grow ayt? And you should be proud for taking good care of James.


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