Friday, March 15, 2013

Some Friday Fun

It's been miserable here in Vancouver for the whole flippin' week! I despise rain! It meas we cannot get outside - which makes Jimbo go stir crazy and this Mum goes nuts!

Today wasn't the nicest day - so we watched some movies and cuddled on the couch. I decided to do lunch early as we have been napping in the 'big bed' and watching old VHS Disney movies.

YES I said VHS!!

Anyways - I wanted to do something fun for lunch so I decided to make little pizzas.

What you will need for Ham and Pineapple pizzas:

English Muffins
Tomato sauce/paste (am I weird that I like paste?)

What to do:

Lightly toast the muffins first - this makes sure they won't end up soggy.
Spread on tomato sauce - add ham - pineapple and then cheese. *Note: You can add whatever you want!*

Place on baking sheet and broil till cheese is bubbly and the muffin is crisp!

That's it! Seriously! That. Is. It!

James LOVED making these. He asked if we could do it again and I think we will. They are so good!

What's your favorite pizza toppings??

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