Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back to Basics with SweetPea Cloth Diapers {Review}

WAAAY back when - I wrote a post on how we started cloth diapering. My first ever cloth diaper purchase as a Bummis Starter kit - and while I loved the thought of prefolds and covers - they were just too darn bulky. I sold those and purchased some gDiapers and also some pockets. What I never got back to say was - how much I missed having prefolds and covers. I love them!

EcoBooty - is  was an online cloth diaper store that was local to me. She was having a store closing sale and I saw that she had some SweetPea prefolds and covers for 35% off - I jumped on that bandwagon and snatched up 6 baby sized prefolds, 3 One Size covers, a pack of flannel wipes and a couple of hemp boosters. I got a really REALLY  good deal on them.

I've been really wanting to try the SweetPea brand for some time now. I've read some great reviews on their covers and I must say - they have not let me down!

Their covers are a one size (you can buy newborn covers as well) but I decided since Graham is such a chunk we would go with one size. The covers offer a 3 set rise setting. Small, medium and large. Graham right now is on the medium setting. I really like that they have the cross over snaps. It's makes for a better fit, in my opinion.

The SweetPea One Size cover also has gussets. Now - if you read the blog and some of the diaper reviews you will know that I LOVE GUSSETS! This cover has held up against some of Graham's worst explosions. I have also used this cover for overnight and there has been ZERO leaks! I love me a cover with gussets.


Another feature that the SweetPea one size covers offers that I have not seen in really any other covers out there is a drying loop. At first I thought it was silly - but to be honest, it's a great addition to the diaper! I can hang the cover up after use to 'air it out' in-between uses. The fabric/PUL is so buttery soft. Not stiff at all. They have held up after many washes and the colors/prints are still vibrant.


Now I said that I bought some baby prefolds - I didn't know at the time that was the size I bought. Yes - I wasn't paying attention when checking out. (17x20 inches Weight is 16-35 lbs) They are HUGE. I'm not one to use snappis etc - so I am left with tri folding. At the moment they are a little too big to tri fold with Graham. It's ok though - I can use them in the coming months. I will do a review for them at a later time. I will say - they are SUPER thirsty.

The last item I bought from SweetPea was their flannel wipes. I believe they are a double flannel - surged with rainbow thread and they do a great job at cleaning up! These are in our small PlanetWise wet bag - that stays in the diaper bag. They are a perfect size to do a clean up. After a few washings they are soft and are delicate on Graham's little bottom. I only ever need one to use. Even if there is poop. The size is great. Not overly large but not itty bitty either.

Overall - I am HIGHLY impressed with the SweetPea products I have bought. If you are interested in purchasing your own SweetPea diaper products check out here. They have a list of retailers in Canada and in the USA.

I'd really love to try out their One Size diaper and wet bags as well. That's next on my list!

A must try brand! Their prices are competitive and the quality is awesome!!

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Please note that I was NOT compensated to write this post. All products mentioned were purchased by me. I just decided to do a review.

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