Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013 - Jimmy's First Egg Hunt and Graham's First Easter

Easter! The first family holiday of the year for us!

This year we spent Easter with Chris' parents. We decided to have dinner on Saturday - and we would spend the night and then James could do his very first Easter Egg hunt today!

Mum did a BIG ole Ham and  Turkey as well. The side dishes were DELICIOUS! I tried Curried Fruit for the first time - I think it may become a permanent side dish for Easter now! We also had my favorite potato dish - Schwartzies Hash Browns! Along with Green Beans, and Colorful Corn!

My new favorite side dish had to have been the sweet potatoes with pecans! OH MY GOODNESS! SO DELISH!

After dinner and pie we got Graham to bed. I nursed him like I normally do and then tried to put him down in his playpen. I couldn't rock him to sleep as he kept trying to go for the boob. Chris got him down and he slept the best he ever has! We had to move him downstairs with us around midnight, which woke him up but I think if we didn't have to move him he may have slept right through! Tonight - we are going to try him in his playpen in our room!!

James went down without a peep - and was very excited to wake up in the morning to see if the Easter Bunny visited!

James was up at his normal 7:00am! My MIL had gone out earlier in the morning to hid all the eggs we had stuffed last night. James got to do a mini hunt around the living room first then we went outside! He had such a blast looking for all his Eggs!

Graham is obviously too young to know what the heck is going on - but I didn't want to leave him out - so Chris and I bought him the cutest little outfit and sun hat! I also made him a new taggie blankie. He seems to really like sucking on fabric - like James did!

We had a wonderful time - and are going to be spending Easter Sunday at home - outside in the sunshine!


Much love

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