Friday, March 29, 2013

Graham at Five Months

My Little Man - you are FIVE whole months old! Mummy cannot believe how fast you are growing. A lot has happened since last month - more milestones met and you are getting cuter and cuter each day.

Sleep Habits:

We are still bed sharing. Usually the boys bathe together - then James gets some cuddles and then I am off with Graham to nurse him to sleep. We are usually in bed around 7:00 still. If it's any later he gets very upset. I usually nurse for about an hour or so. Sometimes its shorter sometimes its longer. We had a couple of nights where it was almost 2 hours of nursing - but there was a reason for it! He goes from about 8:00pm till about 11:00pm. Wakes up to have a diaper change and I nurse him again for maybe 10 minutes and he's out again. Sometimes I won't have to get up to change him till Chris leaves for work - but I'm still nursing 3-4 times a night. Now some would say that is crazy - but he needs it. Even if he is comfort nursing I don't mind as I can fall asleep.

He still isn't napping on his own. I have been taking a nap with the boys - which I do not mind at all. I can sneak out and they will both sleep for at least an hour without me. On the rare occasion Graham has fallen asleep by himself but it usually doesn't last long. We are getting there. I am going to buy some black out blinds as I think it being light out is the problem.


I am SHOCKED as to the sizes he is wearing. Now - I don't really go off sizes as they are all cut differently. So Graham right now fits Carter's 12 month onesies - but they are tight length wise when he is in a cloth diaper. So we have moved up to 18 month ones. He is wearing 9 - 12 month pants and coats. Also he is in 12 - 18 month sleepers. I don't think it's his weight - but more his length. I am going to have to go and get new clothing for him as the seasons are off from James!


*Ok so last month I posted that he cut a tooth - BOY I was wrong! What I thought was a tooth was actually just the gum showing where the tooth was. Silly me!* BUT Graham OFFICIALLY has his first tooth. And its SHARPE!! He cut his right side lower tooth - March 18 was when I found it. I posted a picture on Instagram and Chris said it looked "inappropriate" - I have been trying to get a better shot but it's hard!

Graham is still rolling around like a rolly polly - but now he is scooting back. It's only a matter of time before he is crawling. He gets so mad when he is on his back (expect when we are doing a photo shoot!) so he rolls to his belly - but then he gets more mad as he can't go anywhere. He'll get it - and I am SO not ready for it!

Playing!! Graham is finally playing with toys! I love it! Right now his favorites are a handmade plush taggie ball that I got in a bundle from Bundles and Buzz, and his Zolo Fuzzi Nubbins I won from Kushies! He also is still loving his Jumparoo!

His bouncy seat has been retired - he is simply too strong for it. I'm sad to see it go but what can I do!?

Graham has certainly found his voice! he is a very vocal little man. He makes us all laugh! He will start to screech and laugh and then James joins in which results in belly laughing... Oh gosh its something else. He is just so darn funny.

Life is so freaking amazing right now. I feel happy - and I am so in love with both of my boys.

Happy Five Months Little Man - you really do not know how happy you make me!


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