Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{NEW} Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment {Review}


I'm going to be honest - I really hate shaving my legs. During the winter months, these bad boys stay covered up and I just pretend I have smooth, sexy legs underneath. I love taking baths - don't get me wrong. I love to relax in a bath but really hate pulling out the shaving cream and razor.
I have always been a shaving cream and razor kind of gal - I tried an 'epilator?' once - NEVER AGAIN! So I have always stuck with what I know works for me.
That is until....
I was given the opportunity to test out Schick's New Intuition Pure Nourishment shaving system. (if you would like to call it that.)
Now, I've seen these in the stores, and always thought it was kind of like shaving with soap. I have VERY sensitive skin so doing that would cause me terrible irritation. I was slightly skeptical about it, but I thought what the heck - I'll give it a try.
When it arrived in the mail - I could smell it! It wasn't an unpleasant smell - it was heavenly! The Pure Nourishment smells of Coconut and Almonds - two of my favorite scents.
I tore it open and took a look at it - it seemed really...big. Like how the heck is this supposed to be comfortable to hold and shave with? My little razor is dinky compared to this.
The packaged contained 2 conditioning solids and the handle. It also came with a cap to cover it, and a handy suction cup holder so you can hang it in the shower.
I put it to the test right away - I couldn't resist.
  • 4 blades - makes for a very close shave. My legs were very smooth!
  • The conditioning solid smells divine
  • No need for shave cream - the solid really does lather and didn't irritate my skin
  • All in One system. I like the idea for traveling.
  • Pivoting head - follows my contours
  • Interchangeable cartridges
  • Hard to see where I have shaved my legs*
  • Conditioning solid seems to run out before blades do
  • Slightly bulky

So as you see - there are some good and some bad points in my opinion. I love that I just have to buy the refill cartridge's - no more shaving cream and razors. Plus - the Schick brand is in all major stores so it's not hard to find them. Plus you can use ANY of the Schick Intuition Conditioning Solids - not just the Pure Nourishment ones. I think for traveling this is great. One item - that's it. It left my skin feeling smooth and it didn't irritate me at all. Plus - when you are sitting in a steaming bath - the scent was intoxicating. Really!! Another point for the pro side is how easy and quick it is to shave my legs in the shower. BIG bonus points!

My BIG issue with it and it's probably only because I was a cream gal was - I couldn't see where I had shaved my leg. I have to keep rubbing my leg feeling for the hairs. Now to some this might not be an issue, but what normally only takes one pass with shaving cream and a razor and two or three passes with the Intuition. I think once I use it more and more I will get use to it.

Overall - I do believe I will continue using the Schick Intuition shaving system. Again, I just really like having an all in one gadget to take care of my legs.

You can find Schick Intuition's in you local Wal-Mart and or Grocery Store. Actually I'm pretty sure you can find them anywhere! I took a look around to price out the amount it costs to buy refills and the going rate is around $12.00 for 3 - so it's not too bad if you factor in buying razors and shaving cream.

My legs are very happy to have found Pure Nourishment from Schick!

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Please note - I was not compensated to write this review. I was sent the above mentioned product free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own and may differ from others. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.