Thursday, February 28, 2013

1, 2, 3, 4 MONTHS!

Another month older! Some more milestones met - and I keep thinking to myself
"This time is flying by too quick!"

The last month has been hard. I have been feeling overwhelmed, angry, sad, happy, and back to sad again all within a short period of time. I do believe I have some PPD (This will be discussed in a different post) I battled depression in my teens, was on medication for it, but crawled out of that black hole when I met Chris.

It took me almost the entire month to come to terms with it - and I will be seeking help.

So, Graham is now FOUR months old! It's mind boggling as to how fast the time is going. Soon we will be starting solids! (not till 6 months though)

Sleep Habits:

We are still bed sharing. He is NOT sleeping through the night, which is ok - he's a big boy and needs to nurse. Bed sharing makes it better for the both of us as I can sleep and he can eat whenever he wants. Bed time is getting a lot better as well. Around 7:00 ish we go and lay down - nurse till about 8:00 and he is soundly asleep by that time. I get about 2 hours to myself or with Chris. He wakes up around 10 - 10:30 for a change and nurse. Then he's out till about 3:00am. He usually is awake around 6:30am, as is James so we start our day around 7:15am

NAPS ARE NON EXISTENT until a few days ago. My friend came over and rocked him to sleep and he actually slept in his crib for an HOUR. PROGRESS! The only thing is - he likes to nap on his tummy. I don't mind as he can roll over with ease.


He is officially NOT wearing 3-6 months clothes. Those were put away a long time ago. Most of his 6 month clothing is getting snug as well so we are into the 9 month clothes and most sleepers are 12 months. Graham is very long. I have to go out and get some new clothes for him as James was a lot smaller than Graham so the seasons are off. I'm ok with that! Carter's HERE I COME!


Graham can now roll over from back to belly with no issues - and back again! He has amazing neck control and prefers to be on his tummy now. James and him enjoy playing on the floor with their toys. It's such a great sight!

Sucking his toe - I did this as an infant as well. It's pretty funny. We will be sitting at the dinner table and Graham is going hard on his big toe - we will be nursing in bed and he tries to do both at the same time. He gets mad when he is in a sleeper. Stubborn little one!

Grasping toys! I was waiting for this stage! Everything is going into the mouth and he is starting to enjoy grabbing toys and waving them around.

Cooing - His babble is SO cute! I totally forgot how cute baby babble is. I love hearing he talk to himself.

Graham is flourishing. Hitting milestones early and getting a tooth! He is such a great kid. We can now go out for a walk without him freaking out in the Ergo or in the stroller. What a difference a month makes!

On to the next month big boy!


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