Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jumping Jumparoo

We have FINALLY found something that Graham really enjoys doing - JUMPING!

We were gifted a Jumparoo from our neighbor - THANK YOU CARLA! Graham loves it. I mean he really really loves it!

We never had one for James as we were living in a small basement suite and we just never thought twice about it. We borrowed a Jolly Jumper from a friend which James liked, but he was a heavier bub so he more or less just stood there and wiggled.

I've been waiting for Graham to have enough neck control to use it and he is finally there. So about 2 weeks ago Chris and I let him go wild. He doesn't spend a lot of time in it, but on a daily basis he goes about 15 minutes a day or so. And let me tell you - he gets going! He squeals, and bounces all over. His little legs get kicking and it's just so cute to see.

We figured he likes to be upright rather than lying down. He will not stay on his back for very long, now that he knows how to roll. The thing is - he won't really play with toys and he gets frustrated because he cannot move with his brother. I see an early crawler in the not to distant future!

Much love

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