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Birthing in Style - Dressed to Deliver {Review}

When I was in labor with James at the hospital, I thought I would wear my own nightgown you comfy in my own clothing - well I was so so wrong. I got there and the nurse gave me two of their HIDEOUS gowns to put on. I asked if I could wear my own and she said 'NO' because they couldn't get to my belly.. blah blah blah - so I did as I was told and wore the standard blue gown. SO terrible!

After we found out we were expecting Graham, I started to look into 'designer birthing gowns' I thought to myself  "This will be our last, I want to look good while in labor and WHILE I'm giving birth" so the research started.

I found quite a few companies who made 'designer' birthing gown but they all had one thing in common - They all pretty much looked liked a standard hospital gown - but in a pretty printed fabric. Now, I know I may get some flack for this, but it is true. I don;t care if it's made from Bamboo or another fancy fabric - the fact remains is they all are shapeless and look like a regular hospital gown.

Then I found Dressed to Deliver. A completely DIFFERENT looking birthing gown that I just HAD TO TRY!

About Dressed to Deliver: 
The idea behind Dressed to Deliver was born eight years ago during my career as a physiotherapist at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Recently engaged and entertaining the thought of having children, I quickly came to the conclusion that hospital gowns were for sick people…not women about to give birth! 
When I became pregnant with our second child in 2009 I embarked on the journey of creating Dressed to Deliver. The goal was to wear one of my own gowns for the birth of my daughter. After delivering Samantha, I was overwhelmed by the response to the dress from other new mothers and nurses at the hospital. It has motivated me to bring style and comfort to the birthing experience, one woman at a time. 
We all want to be our best on one of the most important days of our lives, the day we give birth. At Dressed to Deliver we strongly believe that looking good means feeling good. We hope our birthing gowns will be a small, but beautiful, part of your child’s birth-day. 
Wishing you a beautiful delivery in every way, 
Tracy Tremble - Mother, Designer & CEO

When I contacted Tracy I was really really hoping she would say yes to a review. I didn't know it at the time but she is semi local to me. (They are in the Okanagan and I am on the Coast). When I got my reply - a big fat YES - I was elated!! I received my gown within three days - and I must say, as soon as I got it, I put it on!

So what is so special about Dressed to Deliver birthing gowns?? Well, let me tell you...

First off, the gowns themselves look like a regular dress. You chose your size (yes, you get to choose your size. No 'One size fits all') - that is until you take a really close look at them. They are made of soft jersey knit material that is very soft and light. Not stiff and 'crunchy' like some other gowns. They have a great selection of prints and or solid colors to choose from. To see the selection see here.

Dressed to Deliver gown in Iris - 37+2 days pregnant

Before Graham was born - I would wear my Dressed to Deliver gown around the house. It was very comfortable to wear during the heat we had - and since it's actually a dress, I wore it out and about as well. I just wore a shrug with it.

The front AND back of the dress have snaps all the way down for easy entry. So if you needed to get a fetal monitor on your belly, you don't have to hike up your dress and feel exposed. Same goes for the back if you needed/wanted an epi or anything like that. The straps of the dress are connected with big buttons that can be unbuttoned for nursing *BONUS* you can wear it after as a nursing dress!!

Easily comes undone for nursing
The bust of the dress is reinforced so no bra is needed in my opinion. I felt secure in it and no all *ahem* 'floppy'

During labor and delivery:

40 weeks 5 days pregnant and in labor

The day I went into labor with Graham, I was so excited that I was going to get to wear my dress. I got up to have a shower and grabbed my dress. I was very comfortable wearing my dress. No pants to fiddle with nor did I have to worry about a top. It was easy to get in and out of while getting into the shower, and the Midwives both said how much they loved it as they could get to my belly to hear his heart beat. The Midwives really really liked it. Both just thought it was a regular dress, that was until I showed them all the neat features.

When the time came to push - I was so so hot - I didn't even have to get up from the position I was in - Chris just undid all the snaps and VOILA! it was gone.

My dress washed beautifully and it doesn't even look like it went through an entire labor and delivery.

I will also say it has been a godsend for after birth as well... It's super easy to nurse in and again is so comfortable to wear. Definitely a must have for all pregnant mama's - honestly - you won't regret this buy.

I really have to thank Tracy at Dressed to Deliver for letting me review her Birthing Dress - I was so comfortable during my labor process, and I felt good wearing it. I still wear it around the house to nurse in - it's that great.

You can buy your very own Dressed to Deliver gown here:

Don't forget to check them out on Facebook and on Twitter as well. They have such a great selection of birthing gown as well as some other essentials for every mama!

Much love
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