Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lack of technology

Our laptop is dead to the world! I haven't been on an actual computer since Wednesday and I feel terrible that I haven't done an update. We are working on purchasing a new computer... but of course we are having issues with what is really needed!

Baby Graham is still in utero - I will update you all on that matter when the time comes. Like I said last week, I have a NST and AFI booked for this Wednesday. I really hoping that he will come tomorrow - as it is a full moon. But it's looking like he will be a November baby...

I also have abunch of pictures to post but again since I am not at my own computer it's difficult to watermark them etc etc.

So until we get a new computer, the blog will be put on hold. Hopefully when I get back I can share photos of baby Graham and get some awesome reviews and giveaways up. If you are a follower on Facebook, I will keep you all updated there - PLUS, if you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you can always look for updates there as well.

Thank you for understanding... the lack of technology makes for a grumpy mummy... sad I know, but I love blogging and just writing so not being able to do that is kinda driving me nuts!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Much love

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