Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another not so Wordless Wednesday - Week 40

I don't think I've done a true 'Wordless Wednesday' in about 9 months! The reason - I've been hitting my pregnancy milestones EVERY Wednesday for the last NINE MONTHS! Today marks 'the day' my guess date.

Today I am 40 weeks pregnant... and still Baby Graham is all cozied up in my uterus, not wanting to come out.

While all my other friends and blogging mamas are having their precious little ones (And believe me - there is A LOT of them) here I am, patiently waiting. sorta.

I had my midwife appointment yesterday and no sweep was done as well as no cervical check. I didn't want to know how dilated I was (and no one asked and neither did I) I don't want to be told that I am 3cm and could stay there for another 2 weeks. What we did talk about about scheduling my NST and AFI for next Wednesday. Now I have never had the need for a NST or AFI as James came early - so I'm a little scared. But I guess they are pretty normal. So next Wednesday at - dare I say it...41 weeks my scan and NST is all booked. Yay for having to go to a darn Hospital.

My blood pressure is still fantastic, and Graham had a heart rate of 150BMP. I went from measuring 39.5cm to 39 - so a loss of .5 cm. I asked if that was ok and the midwife told me that it's a good sign that he is moving into position. When she checked to see where if head was (external) she said he was nice and low and in a great position. Again, all the false labor I've been having is good, but I want to to turn to ACTUAL labor. Please and thank you!!

I've gained another 3 lbs - yes 3 fricken pounds!! UGH! I'm hoping it's water... and not Graham becoming a chunk - even though I don't mind if he's big.

I've been super emotional, and tired - yet I get small bursts of energy to clean and whatnot. What's been bothering me the most this last week is everyone and I mean EVERYONE calling to see if he has arrived... I mean c'mon people... once he is here you WILL KNOW ABOUT IT!! I've stopped answering phone calls unless it's my Mum or Mother in Law. I just don't want to talk to people. Sorry Nana!!

So that about sums it up. I actually hit the 40 week mark and while I'm SO DONE I knew that today was just a guess date and that I could potentially go another 2 weeks... I'm just hoping Graham decides to come sooner than that!

Week 40 - 178 lbs and very very ready!! 

Much love

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