Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lovely Pocket Diapers {Newborn Review}

Melissa from Lovely pocket diapers sent me one of her Newborn diapers to test out on Baby Graham! I was so excited to get this opportunity as I have heard a lot of great feedback about LPD!

About Lovely Pocket Diapers:

Melissa and her husband became parents to a daughter in 2010 - and then in 2012 they welcomed their son. Melissa started her cloth diapering journey 2 weeks after her daughter was born. She went with the traditional prefolds and covers. She was hooked! She then started looking into the one size pocket diapers. Like all cloth diaper addicts (myself included) she needed to try them, but couldn't bring herself to spend that kind of money. (hmm sounds like me!) After a ton of research she found a manufacturer to work with and VOILA! Lovely Pocket Diapers was born.


I was sent a her NEW Newborn sized diaper - in yellow, with some hot red snaps! This is unlike any of Graham's other newborn diapers.
It's an AIO (All in One) STUFFABLE pocket diaper. It has a sewn in microfiber insert and the best part is it has GUSSETS! I LOVE gussets!

This diaper boasts a snap down rise (to fit even the tiniest babes) and it also has a snap down in the front for the cord. This is a feature that I really like. It was nice, as it didn't rub Graham's belly and cause irritation.

To show the unique rise settings

Smallest setting

The diaper fit right from birth, BUT we did have some leaking issues. I don't think it was the diaper itself, it was most likely the fact that while Graham was large, he had/has skinny legs. It did however contain his poop. We had issues with pee leaking, but never any poop-sposions. The gussets did their job. I love a diaper with gussets. I think it makes for a better diaper. Now that Graham is 3 weeks and has put on some more weight we have not had any issues with leaks. I wish I had more of these!
Inside of the diaper

It washes very well, but does take some time to dry. With the sewn in soaker, I have to dry it a couple of times or air dry for a day and a half.  I sorta wish only one side was sewn in. A really nice feature is that you have the option to add more absorbency to the diaper. I haven't had to add anything yet, but I am thinking I might have to soon. Graham is a HEAVY wetter!
Pocket Opening

Overall we love this diaper. Graham is pushing 11 pounds and he still has room to grow into it! There area lot of features that I love - but there are some things that I would of liked to have seen. Maybe cross over snaps, and only part of the soaker sewn in. But I still really love this diaper.

Still have some rise snaps that can be undone

Good fit around the legs!

BUY IT: You can purchase your very own Newborn AIO LPD from her website - http://www.lovelypocketdiapers.com/index.html . They retail for $11.00 each which I think is a super fair price. You are going to get some really good use out of this diaper.

Also, be sure to check out her other diapers - I haven't had the chance to use them, but I do believe I will be snagging a couple to try out!

Be sure to check Lovely Pocket Diapers on Facebook for any upcoming deals!!

Much love
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Please note I was sent the above mentioned product free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions are strictly my own and may differ from others. NO monetarty compensatin was exchanged. Please feel free to contact me with any qustions or concerns.