Saturday, July 2, 2011

A day with Daddy

So today was SUPER gorgeous out in Vancouver. Lucky me it was the ONE day out of the month that I have to work a full 8 hours. POO POO! So I started work at 10:00 and was worked till 6:00. C and J were at home just the two of them. I didn't call at all (which is odd as I always call...but today I just let them be)

C posted on FB that he took J downtown, which is surprising as C does not like going into the heart of the city. So apparently they took the Skytrain down to Waterfront and walked through the Jazz festival that was going on, then went past Science World and C stopped for some McPukes. J needed a diaper change so C knew he would be going into the 'family' washroom. He explained the whole ordeal to me "I took him in the bathroom, and it WREAKED -- like someone had just done a number two." He told me that he realized it wasn't a backed up toilet or like someone DIDN'T flush.. it was all the disposable diapers in the garbage! EEEYUCK! I was laughing pretty hard, as C wasn't totally on board when we decided to make the switch. Anywhoo..he told me that as he was changing J into his comfy cloth diaper he thought to himself "Uhg...stupid disposable diapers.." (That's the nice-er version of what he said hehe)

After he told me I asked him why he thought that.."Well at least our cloth doesn't stink like -- that!"

Ahh! I love you C! Thank you for letting me embark into the cloth diapering world and THANK YOU for finally understanding!