Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

I think I did pretty well this year... what am I talking about?? When November rolls around I am so anxious to get the Christmas decorations up it's crazy! last year they were up November 1st. By the end of December I was sick of looking at them. So this year we waited till the 25th of November.
Chris and I had a real tree our first year we lived together - not the best idea as we both would forget to put water in the tree stand - and I hated sweeping the needles up. Plus the darn thing stayed in our back yard till APRIL! So when my mom and dad decided to get rid of their fake tree I scooped that one up!
It's not the largest tree (thank goodness) but I really like the size and shape. Plus it's fit in every place we have ever lived - so that's a good thing It's not like the ones you find these days - you know the ones that just open like an umbrella.. NO.. not this one. It has individual branches you have to put together. It's a real pain in the butt. As you can see my photography skills are lacking. Maybe I will ask Santa for a course! Also, it's decorated fairly sparse - that's because there is a little boy named Jimbo who likes to touch... and throw!
This year I bought James and Graham new stockings. James does have one that I made him a few years back, but I wanted something new. I wanted something traditional, yet fun. I found these at Winners! They are well made and are super traditional in my opinion! 

Graham's first Stocking!

James' NEW stocking
 I let James pick out which one he wanted... and he wanted Santa! LOVE them!

Also this year we will be leaving cookies and milk as well as a carrot out for Santa and the reindeer. My mother in law bought me this plate last year? I believe. It's super cute and I cannot wait to bake some cookies with James for Santa!

For James' first Christmas I wanted to find a unique 'first Christmas' ornament. My mother in law and I went to our local Christmas store (Potter's) and this is just ONE of his many first Christmas ornaments. So cute right?? It kind of looks like him. I couldn't resist. It was so stinkin' cute. 

So this year I wanted to get Graham a similar one but of course different. Again, Sandy (MIL) and I went to Potter's and looked and looked and LOOKED! They had some baby's first Christmas ones but they were so.... baby-ish. Then I found THIS!
Sweet right?!! It's a little angel! I was SO happy to have found it! It even has his eye color! They also both have a little snowman with the year they were born written on the bottom. I couldn't help myself.

I still have some more decorations to put up - I just need to go buy them! We have a banister that needs some Christmas love and I want to make some crafts with James and we also have a Gingerbread House that needs to be assembled! I will take some photos and post them soon!

We are so excited for Christmas this year. We will be taking the boys to see Santa and get their picture taken soon, and I am so thrilled that James understands Christmas a bit more this year!

Tell me - do you have any traditions in your home??

Much love
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