Thursday, November 15, 2012

James meets his little brother!

It's been a while since I could actually blog! My goodness I never knew I would miss it so much!
Here are some shots of Graham and James - as well as a precious shot of Chris and Graham the day he was born. I can't wait to share more with you all. We are all so in love with this little man.
After Graham was born and Chris and I had some time to meet him and get stuff cleaned up, Chris went to get James from his Nana's and Papa's. I was nervous about him meeting Graham. But in the end, I had NOTHING to be worried about.
James came barging through the front door and yelled "HI MUMMY!! I HOME!" That instantly put a smile on my face. He came running up the stairs, and stopped. I asked him if he knew who I was holding... a brief pause... "A, a, a baby Dam!" He came over and looked... and he was amazed!
He asked me "Mummy, a baby Dam?" I said yes it is...a smile was his reaction. He came and sat on the couch with me and just looked.
It was a late night for all of us. Jimbo didn't leave my side for about an hour. He was in love.
James loves to give kisses and hugs. He always wants to help me with Graham, and will tell him not to cry when he starts to fuss. He is already an amazing big brother - and he really does love him. There hasn't been much jealousy between them. But James has been slightly more defiant since Graham's birth, but I guess that comes with the territory.. or it could be that he is almost 3 and that's how the act. Hehe. Still, he has been so good with his brother, and I am SO very thankful for that.
Here are some pictures! Brings a smile to my face and makes my heart swell!

Reading him a book

"I hod him Mummy??"

My boys! How did I get so darn lucky?? I'm so excited to see what life brings us now... I'm in for a wild ride!

Much love

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