Friday, October 5, 2012

Surprise Ultrasound!

Yesterday at my Midwife appointment, we were going over my home visit from last Saturday, talking about what is going to happen once I go into labor and what not, and as we were talking Gillian was feeling around (on my belly) to see if we could find what position Graham is in.

I stated that on Saturday Lisa (another awesome midwife) wasn't 100% sure if he was really head down - and Gillian said that if she wasn't 100% sure she would send me in for an Ultrasound. After about 10 minutes of palpitating my belly (I think that's the word hehe) she came to the conclusion that - she wasn't 100%!

She was telling me that while there was something in my pelvis - it seemed small for a head - and that these bits here could be feet, or maybe a bum etc. Plus when we went to listen to the heartbeat, where we felt is body didn't line up with where we found his heartbeat. So with that being said - we scheduled an ultrasound.

Everything else was great. Graham's heart rate was spot on - my fundal height is measuring right on track - my blood pressure was prefect (considering at this time with James I had high blood pressure) this was the only thing that was 'uncertain'

I was lucky enough to actually get in for an Ultrasound the same day - Chris and I did need to drive a bit to get there but that's ok. I wanted to know if he was breech/transverse so we could go from there.

My appointment was at 6:30 pm UGH! Terrible time! We were celebrating Chris' birthday tonight with his Mum and Dad and that kinda messed things up - but again he was ok with it. He wanted to make sure we could do our home birth (How totally awesome!)

Anyways - we got their early, as I HATE being late - and we got in within 10 minutes. The tech was SUPER nice. I explained that we were doing a home birth so knowing what position he was in was critical. She totally understood and kinda chuckled... she got right to work...

"He's head down" she said, with a big smile on her face. WELL THANK GOD!! She then went on and did a bunch of other measurements and we got to talking about how we had found out at our 20 week scan that it was a boy - but I was having doubts - "Yes, it's definitely a boy" Again - thank goodness!! I got to see his little squishy face, and his heart, feet, hands, etc! It was so awesome!

Not the best - but here he is - you can see his lips, chin, nose and eyes. 

Chris got to come in after - which made me so happy as he wasn't able to make it to our 20 week scan. His face lit up! "Now - it is a boy right?" he asked and we both laughed and said yes.

Needless to say, I am so so so relieved. It was great to see little Graham on the Ultrasound tonight - now I REALLY can't wait to meet this little man.

Who knows - maybe tonight will be the night???

Much love

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