Wednesday, October 10, 2012

38 weeks and STILL PREGNANT!

Ok, I hate to complain, but I'm going to! I WANT THIS BABY OUT! 

I can't sleep, he's wide awake at night - and dead asleep during the day. I have to pee every 15 minutes... I'm drinking my weight in water as I am SO thirsty... not to mention that my almost 3 year old is starved for attention and I feel awful about it cause I'm so damn tired and sore to do much.

I can't go for walks during the day cause the pressure in my lady bits is too much to handle. I've tried everything I did with James to go into labor and nada. Hot baths, sex, stairs, etc etc... I do not want to take anything to try to induce labor like Castor oil, and what not. I can and will be patient, but I'm allowed to say I am DONE!

I had a midwife appointment today and everything is still great. I'm measuring 39, heart rate is great - my blood pressure is great. He is still head down - and really down. I was telling Lisa (one of my midwives) that I feel like there is a hot poker poking me in the vagina and she said that's a good sign - because last week at our ultrasound my cervix was long and closed - so by feeling that, she said that it could me I'm starting to dilate  She didn't check me, cause I could be 3 cm and stay there till 42 weeks!! So there was no need to get my hopes up.

I've had more painful contractions, but of course once I go to bed - I wake up 3 hours later and they are gone/have stopped etc. So again, I'm getting my hopes up.

I know he will come when he is ready... and I know he WILL COME OUT! Sooner than later I will get to meet my baby.

Ok, that's my rant/complain post... Graham - you have 14 days to vacate!! I MEAN IT!!

38 weeks - 14 days to go! 

There was ONE really great thing that has happened thus far this week! I found out that I won the Grand Prize Giveaway over at Formula Mom!! What did I win?? - a WHOLE stash of GlowBug diapers! Yup! New fluff!! Yippee!! I did a review on Glow Bug diapers a while back! Check it out here! Very excited about that win. Ok.. that's about it. Let's hope i have more to report soon...

Much love
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