Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home birth it is!

So on Monday I had a midwife appointment. I got to meet Jillian (one of the 4 that work with the Midwifery place) I was glad to meet another one as I would like to know all of them before the time Graham arrives!

We went over my ultrasound: Graham's head is a normal size (Which is a relief as the Duncan men have HUGE craniums hehe) She also said that he was a little ahead of schedule but that didn't really phase me as they all grow at their own rate. Jillian also said he was chubby for his gestational age - in the tummy area lol Whatever that means! My fluid levels were normal and everything looks to be right on track. Phew!

She was very happy to hear that I had gained some weight! I weighed in at 161 lbs (up 6 lbs!) Yay go me!

We also discussed about possibly birthing Graham at home. I explained that it was something that I wanted to experience - to be away from the hospital setting for birth and she was all for it! She said that with my history (with James that is) that I am a great candidate for a home birth. I have to say I was SO happy to hear that come from her mouth. I was nervous and I couldn't tell you why. So I am guessing that at subsequent appointments we will go more into detail about what is expected and all the details.

I am reading through the Home Birth Handbook and feel that this is what's best for me and Graham. Yippee!!

I go back in 5 weeks - I will be 27 weeks by then (starting of the 3rd tri - I think) Time is flying by in this pregnancy. It honestly makes me sad to know that this is it for us. For me! I love being pregnant, and I cannot wait for birth - nursing, no sleep and just to see my squishy little boy.

My boys... ahh how sweet life is.

I will get to my 22 week bump in a few days. I'm still trying to work on some reviews and a couple giveaways. We are house sitting right now so I'm not at my house but I will try to get stuff done!

OH and one more thing - WE ARE MOVING!! We just signed a year lease for a BRAND SPANKING new 3 bedroom place! It's been fully renovated and is SO gorgeous! I cannot wait for the end of July!

Much love