Monday, October 22, 2012

C'mon Baby Graham!

Quick update: I've been working on reviews and giveaways for the Welcoming Graham event - SLOWLY! Most of them I need him to be here... so it's taking some time... Anyways, just a little update for you all...

He is STILL not here. I'm getting so tired of people calling and asking "Have you had the baby yet? - Is Graham here?" UGH! I will let everyone know when he arrives!

Chris and I never thought I would go a full 40 weeks, while I know that it is SO SO SO possible to go past my date, I just never thought I would. THAT being said - last night I thought that was it! I got so excited!

We were at dinner with Chris' parents and I started to feel odd. My lower back began to ache and I could feel small contractions begin. The backache picked up as did the contractions but I kept it to myself as I didn't want to jinx myself. We got home and put James to bed - Chris and I stayed up to watch a movie and again, the contractions were there are were gaining in intensity. Around 10:00 we went to bed.

I was still having contractions but fell asleep around 10:45ish. At 12:15 I woke up to a HUGE painful contraction. I was laying in bed waiting for the next one to come. It did, but again, I feel asleep. Around 2:30 I was woken up by another very painful contraction... I got up to pee and went back to bed. Only this time I couldn't go back to sleep. The contractions were so painful, I had the breath through them... I now remember what it was like with James. I was starting to get very excited when they didn't die down. They were probably coming every 7 - 10 minutes, lasting about a minute so I thought:


Chris' alarm went off around 4:30 and I said to him I don't think he should go in today, but then I took it back. I told him that I thought today was the day... but I wasn't 100% sure so he went in anyways. He could come home at anytime. I said I would call my midwife if/when things picked up.

James came to sleep with me and I had a few more contractions... and then fell asleep. I woke up to NOTHING... AGAIN!! 

I'm just so frustrated and tired. I have an appointment tomorrow with my midwife so I will be requesting a membrane sweep to see if that gets things kick started. Although I am hoping things happen tonight... but again. I'm not getting my hopes up.

Ok, so that wasn't the shortest update but that's where things stand. Still waiting........

Much love
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