Thursday, October 4, 2012

37 weeks and I am SO ready to meet him!

THIRTY SEVEN WEEKS! WOOHOO!! Do you know what that means??!!

Well, first there is only 3 weeks to go - hopefully sooner, but still... the count down is on. 21 days! Also, I can now have my home birth. This was something that was weighing heavily on my mind - before 37 weeks I would have to go to the Hospital to deliver and I really didn't want to do that - but here we are - IN THE CLEAR!

I have a midwife appointment today - I will update with any news after that.

So, so far there have been some mild contractions - but they never progress or get any worse. Chris and I.. well.. you know... and nada! I still get quite a few BH contractions that make me think - OOOooo maybe! But again - NOPE!

I tried going for a walk, but I got 4 blocks down the street and turned around as the pressure was SO intense - it hurt really really bad. I've also been having warm to moderately hot baths every night as the night my waters broke with James that is what I had done before bed,

So other than waiting - and waiting..and waiting I am just.. well waiting! I keep having dreams about what he looks like - then I will dream that he is a she. I haven't had any dreams where he's a puppy or something like that. With James I did, but this time around I know it's a baby - hehe

Three weeks to go - hopefully. If he decides to stay in longer that's ok. He's just going to be a big boy... and that scares me slightly!

Week 37 with Baby Graham! 

Much love
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