Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jimbo - 33 months

Today my little boy is 33 months old... that means in 3 short months he will be three... 3!! Where has the time gone? Really??

I thought I would do a '33 facts about James at 33 months'  - Chris would say "Stop saying he's x amount months old - he's 2.5 going on 3 for crying out loud!" That's a pet peeve of Chris' hehe.

So here we go:
  1. James comes to sleep with me every morning AFTER Chris goes to work
  2. He will sit on the carpet to 'toot' Always in the same spot
  3. His favorite breakfast is 'Torn Pops & Apples' (Corn Pops)
  4. He loves taking bathes
  5. He STILL is not potty trained - and really has no interest in it...yet
  6. He LOVES Toopy and Binoo and My Big Big Friend
  7. He loves Treehouse... he could watch it all day long
  8. He loves to sleep in his car bed - except at nap time
  9. He is a juice fiend (I haven't had the heart to tell him it's mostly water)
  10. He still has troubles saying certain letters while speaking 
  11. He does know all the letters of the Alphabet and their sounds
  12. James has 5 GREAT Grandmas and 1 GREAT Grandpa
  13. He loves his Nana's iPad
  14. He had his first taste of squid and loved it
  15. James really enjoys pickled beets, mushrooms and lettuce
  16. He loves to read me books and be read to
  17. James would rather wear no pants BUT if he has to they must be sweatpants
  18. James hates jeans
  19. He loves his loafers
  20. He tells Chris and I at least 1000 times a day that he loves us
  21. He always asked "Mummy/Daddy what doing?" 1000 a day - even while getting a diaper change
  22. His favorite dinner is pasta - any kind
  23. He loves yogurt
  24. If he is a good boy while shopping he gets a new hot wheels car - even though he has enough
  25. He goes to bed every night with his teddy and Zabba
  26. He loves going to Roaming Rascals 
  27. Puddles are no match for James
  28. He does NOT like getting a haircut
  29. He is a little photographer in the making
  30. He loves giving hugs and high fives
  31. His best friend is "Utas" (Lucas) our next door neighbour
  32. He is Mummy's helper in the kitchen
  33. He always says Peas and Tutu (Please and thank you) and when you say thank you he says "Your Wetcome" hehe 

James is the best little boy ever... yes I know this is the most bias statement ever - but my child is the best. I love him so much and he brings so much joy to my life.

Happy 33 months little man!!

I say silly face and this is what I get! 

Much love
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