Saturday, September 22, 2012

WOOLZIES Dryer Ball Review

I am a self proclaimed dryer ball-a-holic! Seriously! I bought my first set last year and ditched the dryer sheets and haven't looked back since! I LOVE THEM!

I was on the hunt for some new dryer balls as some of mine have seen better days. During a bloghop giveaway I kept seeing a new name "Woolzies Dryer Balls" There was a lot of great things said so I thought I would check them out! Their site is so easy to navigate which is always bonus! I hate when I get to website and it takes me forever to find the about us, or to actually find the product.

I decided I would contact them to see if they would allow me to do a review and they said YES! I was super excited to work with them - like I said A LOT of people were happy with their Woolzies Dryer Balls - so it just made me even more excited!

A little bit about Woolzies Dryer Balls:

Soft By Nature, Inc. is a small family owned company nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley region of Southern New York State. Our mission is straight-forward; we intend to pass down this earth to our children in the same beautiful condition that we received it from our parents. We accomplish this by developing all natural eco friendly products and sharing them with our fellow citizens. 
In this spirit, we are very proud to present WOOLZIES, The All Natural Dryer Ball Set. This set of six handmade pure wool dryer balls are special in several ways. They deliver the same benefits for laundry as conventional fabric softeners WITHOUT all the nasty chemicals. They save everyone a lot of money by eliminating the need to continuously spend on fabric softener liquid and sheets. They cut down on the time it takes to dry a typical load by at least 25% thereby saving everyone even more money and cutting down on fossil fuel usage. Finally, being as that they are handmade in the democratic republic of Nepal, they provide a steady source of income to the desperately needy women of that developing nation. 
So smile when you purchase a set of WOOLZIES, because you know you're helping to make the world a more pleasant place for yourself, your family and future generations!

When my box arrived I was SO SO SO excited to open it! My first thoughts were - that I loved the packaging. No plastic bits, and easy to recycle! I was very happy to see that it came with a insert with FAQ's. So if you were to gift a box of these to someone who has never used them, they would have the answers right there!

So what are Woolzies Dryer Balls!?: 
Woolzies are pure handmade New Zealand wool dryer balls that soften your laundry naturally without any of the chemicals of conventional fabric softeners. Unlike the plastic dryer balls, they are PVC free and won't fall apart or melt on you. Woolzies save time and energy by cutting down on drying time by an average of 25% per load. They also help reduce static and wrinkles.

When I opened the box, I was surprised to see how large they were. Compared to some of my other retired balls, Woolzies were massive!! They are OH so soft, and I put them to use right away!

They are about the size of a tennis ball

I had some towels that needed to be washed that day so I did the load and put the dryer balls to work. Now usually, I put the dryer setting to high heat (on the eco friendly setting that we have) but this time I threw all 6 Woolzies in and put it to the lower heat to see if they would dry on that setting rather than the higher one. It usually takes 2 of those cycles to dry my towels BUT to my surprise after just one dry cycle with the 6 dryer balls the towels came out dry and SUPER fluffy. Another bonus was they were so quiet. I didn't hear the 'bounce bounce' of balls rolling around in my dryer.

This was half the load - apparently Chris didn't hear me when I said DO NOT TOUCH THE  TOWELS IN THE DRYER! 

I was so very happy with the results. I didn't have to use the high heat setting - and didn't have to do 2 dry cycles on the lower setting. Our clothes came out soft, diaper were not crunchy and towels were soft and fluffy. Very impressed with Woolzies Dryer Balls.

Each box of Woolzies contain 6 handmade dryer balls - and they retail for $35.99 with FREE shipping to the US and Canada! If you are International there is a flat rate of $6.95 which is a great deal. You also have the option to do a gift wrap if you want to send a box to a friend.

My overall thoughts:

Woozlies are by far the best dryer balls I have tried. The size of them alone is what does it for me. I just need the 6 in the dryer for my regular sized loads and I will sometimes toss in my retired ones in if it's a larger load like bed sheets and what not. They are SUPER quiet while they are tumbling in the dryer which is a bonus and I can get laundry done while J sleeps and there is minimal noise from the dryer.

The price is great! You are getting a eco friendly, handmade product that you can reuse time and time again - I think I you would spend more on dryer sheets... yeah... you would!

If you are wanting to try some Woozlies Dryer balls head on over to their website and order yourself a set. You won't be disappointed!

Much love

Please note that I was sent the above mentioned product free of charge for review purposes only. No monetary compensation was exchanged. ALL OPINIONS are strictly my own and may differ from others. While I did receive free product in no way did this influence my review. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.