Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Update

I'll keep this short and sweet.

On Thursday my Mum came into town for the weekend, which was great!  I was very happy to see her as was Jimbo.

On Friday we went to.... Ikea..again! I picked up a Star Light for Graham's room and bought Jimmy a new tent! He LOVES it! He's got Big Bird in there as well as his chair and likes to have picnics in it. I got it home to put together and realized then how big it was... yeah so now we have a tent in our living room.

We HAD to have a meatball lunch. James ate a 10 pc plate. 

Chillin in his tent!

We went out for Sushi that night for dinner - I was starting to feel like poo. Chris had been battling a cold for the week and I was thinking maybe just maybe it would bypass me... boy was I wrong.

Saturday, Chris had to work (boo to that!) but it was ok as the pay will be worth it. I woke up with a full blown cold. Runny nose, sore throat and plugged ears. James was SO out of sorts. Usually he is pretty calm and happy but Saturday he was a mess.

My mum took me to purchase Graham's crib mattress (yippee!! things are coming together!) and James would not cooperate. He didn't want to go in the cart, didn't want to walk and was whiney and grumpy. We dropped the mattress off at home and decided before grocery shopping we would go out for some lunch. We went to IHOP which was great as I wanted breakfast!

James again, was in a terrible mood. He cried and cried and screamed which is so not like him. He NEVER acts out in public. The place was packed, and having my child be 'that kid' was slightly embarrassing. The ladies sitting in the booth next to us kept looking at me..the look on their faces were like "Wow, she cannot keep him under control" I wanted to say to them to stop staring - he's 2.5 for goodness sakes and is just upset. Mind your own business. My lordy! We got through lunch and went home as James needed his nap.

We both slept till 4:00 ish. By that time Chris was home from work and my mum and I went and got the groceries. Chris was going out to a fundraiser to support our friends who are doing a Rickshaw race through Indonesia to bring awareness to the hunger situation.

We had a calm night. James was in a lot better of a mood once he woke up from his nap - except for when I left. All hell broke loose in the house Chris said. He was inconsolable. But everything was fine.

We had dinner, had our treat, our bath and he went to bed like an angel. My mum and I stayed up to watch 'The Business of being Born" as I had told her about it and she was interested to watch it. After that we both needed to go to bed. Not only and I sick but I got my mum sick too!!

Today we are not doing anything. Football is on and that's what we will do for the day. Sit around and do nothing! I have a busy week ahead of me - I have to deal with the Government, I have medical stuff to do and on Friday we are leaving for another wedding.

Time to be lazy and possibly get some more sleep in!!

Happy Sunday!
Much love