Wednesday, September 19, 2012

35 weeks - 35 days to go

Ok, the countdown is really on! 35 days to go! I'm not going to go into much detail about week 35 as everything has been the same for the past couple of weeks. I go see the midwives tomorrow so I may do a post on that if anything is to come up.

With James' pregnancy I had no idea that once I hit this point I would only have 2 weeks before we would meet - so this time around I am making sure everything is in place for a 37 week delivery. However - I do not want to start thinking that Graham is going to come early like James did cause that will just make me miserable once I hit the 37 week mark..and he's not here.

I am going to make some meals to freeze for when I go into labor. I want to be able to have proper food - meaning if I got into labor in the middle of the night I have something that is hearty and healthy - like Chili or lasagna. Or if it's early in the morning, have some quiches made up with egg and spinach or something. My mother in law said that if it was an afternoon labor and delivery she would be more than willing to bring over cold cuts and cheese... so I think we are covered there.

I never got to eat while in labor with James - nothing - except ice chips and water - and let me tell you - it SUCKED!! So I am hoping I can eat this time around... that's something I should ask about... ok note to self!*

Sleep is sucking - I can't get to sleep and then when I go any little noise wakes me. Then it takes forever again to get back to sleep. I have to pee constantly, and rolling over with my belly hurts. Graham likes to be active at night which isn't good for me but either way I love being able to feel him move around. I am constantly thirsty - which just leads to more bathroom trips. I get up and feel like a little hand is going to punch right through my vagina! HA!

Ok, enough complaining! This pregnancy has gone so fast and it's a bittersweet feeling knowing this is it. But in the end, I have my boys and I was able to carry life inside of me. I wouldn't trade anything for the moments I treasure so deeply. So here;s to the last few weeks of 'kinda' sleeping through the night.

Can't wait to hold my new babe soon.

Here's something I put together today. The top two pictures are of my 35 week belly with James and his 20 week ultrasound picture. The bottom two are me today at 35 weeks with Graham and his 20 week scan photo. I have to say - I didn't think I was that big... but the camera adds 10 pounds right??

Much love