Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AppleCheeks All Purpose Storage Sac {Review}

I don't know if you all know, but we LOVE AppleCheeks! I have some size 2 diapers for James and a good size, size one stash for Graham! I love the fit of them, the colors and the fact they are Canadian and MADE IN CANADA!

Graham's AppleCheeks rainbow! Could use a few more! ;)

AppleCheeks announced that they would be releasing a new product and I waited with baited breath... I love product launches!!

Introducing their new All Purpose Storage Sac!

Here is the All Purpose Storage Sac in Wild Child (also available in Cherry Tomato)

To kick things off AppleCheeks ran a contest and 20 lucky winners won their choice of sac. You could enter by emailing a picture with an AppleCheeks theme or Instagram it! I did both - just to make sure they saw it!

Here was my entry:

Yes that is Baby Graham's 20 week ultrasound with his complete stash of AppleCheeks diapers! I couldn't help myself! Well... I WON! Yeah! I was happy to see my picture as one of the winners. There was SO many cute ones!

Anyways - on to the review!

I was excited to receive it - I'm always excited for mail!

I was impressed at the size (9" x 6")- It works great for the diaper bag! I've been using it for all my diaper bag accessories - ie: diaper cream, Tylenol, Boogie Wipes, extra socks etc. I believe it's made from the same material as their diapers making it waterproof! BONUS!!

It's lightweight but durable and if need be, I could toss a used diaper in it (after I took out the other stuff hehe) you know..if I forgot to add their size 1 storage sac to the bag...which isn't uncommon for me at the moment! It has a zippered top so nothing is going to get out of this bad boy.

I wanted to find another use for it - snack bag?? Nah I have a TON of those. Makeup bag - nope! Have some of those too! Oh! OH! I know - how about a bag for my mama cloth! (I know I don't need it right now - but for future use!)

Yes! I think I will use my AppleCheeks All Purpose Storage Sac for my mama cloth when the time comes! It's the perfect size for them! Plus with the zipper and it being waterproof it's a great choice for mama cloth users. Plus it comes in a cute print (or solid color if that's what you like)

My overall rating - is 2 giant thumbs up! This is a great bag just to have in the diaper bag or for yourself. I would grab one of these... seriously! You won't be disappointed!!

Much love

Please note that I WON the above mentioned product in a giveaway. All opinions are strictly my own and may diff from others. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email. No monetary compensation was exchanged!