Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zebras, Donkeys & Giraffes OH MY!

Chris has a four day weekend - Have to love Union Holidays!

On Friday we decided we would go to the Zoo rather than the fair. Being 32 almost 33 weeks, I didn't think I could handle the crowds or the we got up early and off we went!

I haven't been to the Zoo in fifteen years! I was 10 the last time I was there so I was JUST as excited as James was!

Pardon the photo bomb but there really isn't any other way to do this!

Chris really pissed this guy off. He was squakin' up a storm! 

James pointed out that there was a 'RED bird" and signed Red

He's got such cool eyes!

Hard to see but there is a little family of Monkeys here! So CUTE

We got to the Giraffe enclosure and James went NUTS! He was so excited to see them. They are such gorgeous animals. He was jumping up and down yelling "Giraffe! Mummy! Daddy! Giraffe!"

Then when we got to the Zebras he did the same thing - except he thought they were horses... I explained what they were and he got it.

 James to the donkey "HEEHAW! HEEHAW!"

We went on the train ride too! James was scared at first but them calmed down once we got going. It was a 15 minute ride through the park and we got to see some cool animals.


We didn't get a good shot of the Tiger on the train ride so we went back to see if we could see him. He was no where to be found at first then he came out, just long enough for me to get some ok shots through the chain link fence. This is my favorite. Stunning cat.

This guy was ON THE MOVE! You could see the trail he had made in his enclosure - from walking around, and around and around!

We had lunch and a treat (I was craving a Corn Dog so I had to have one!) We were there for a few hours and then James was getting tired and Mummy was getting more Braxton Hicks contractions so it was time to go.

We had a blast! It was a BIG week for James. First on Monday we went to the Aquarium, then on Wednesday he peed on the potty - I didn't mention it but on Thursday he peed TWICE on the potty!! So we found it fitting as a reward to take him to the Zoo. I think he enjoyed himself. We didn't have to have him in the stroller a lot as there is room to walk and run - it was a great family day.

 Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend!

Much love