Friday, September 14, 2012

Wall Art Inspiration

I've been looking around on the Internet to get some ideas on easy wall art ideas. I found something a LONG time ago (like when James was first born) that I just LOVED, but I didn't bookmark it and now - can't find it.

So I tried Pinterest - no luck. Sure there are some really cute stuff on there, but I don't have the patients to sit and look for hours! SO I tried Googling "Wall Art Numbers" and looked at images. I found something similar to what I found almost 2 years ago!

I found this and just knew I had to do this for Graham's room! Mine may not look as good as this but I think they all turned out pretty darn good. Chris did all the numbers/drawing for me as he is the one who can do that oh so well... I just painted them!

All you need is 4 small canvases, some paint to match or go with your theme (or you can just choose colors that suits you) and some paint brushes. Maybe a rule and pencil too! I went to the dollar store for all my supplies. Total I think I spent a total of $15.00 


I seriously LOVE this. It looks so nice up on the wall and adds some fun and color to the room without being over the top.

Our next art project will be for James' room. I want to get his name letters and let him paint them then hang them up! Can't wait!

Much love