Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's a GIRL!

OK so before you start saying "Oh, I thought you were having a boy" .... we are - but my friend Jack whom I have known for 20 years is having a little girl!

Her guess date is November 6th...I think... so we are about 2 weeks apart. Yesterday we celebrated with a shower!

Here are just some of the pictures I caught!


We played some really fun games, like the clothes pin game - we were not allowed to say 'Jackie' or 'Baby' and if you were caught the person who caught you took your pin... I won that one! We also did a relay type race - You were paired up and then one person had to drink Apple juice from a sippy cup, then your partner had to put together 2 little puzzles, next you were blindfolded and had to taste some canned baby food and guess one ingredient - next step was to put on a diaper on a teddy bear while blindfolded and finally you had to name a girls name forever letter of the Alphabet - My friend Amber and I were on a team - we won that one too with a time of 2 minutes and 38 seconds!

This is one of the other games we played - Pin the Sperm on the Egg - yeah.. this one is self explanatory!

I had such a great afternoon with some great company! We are so excited for Jack and her husband Nik!

Me at 36+3 weeks and Jack at 34+4 weeks. Yes we have the SAME color top on - Great minds think alike!

Happy Sunday!
Much love
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